The spring trail running meet-ups in Vaucluse

You can go trail running however you like throughout spring and summer until the autumn, along the paths of the Luberon, at night as an Urban Trail in Avignon or solo on the slopes of the Ventoux.

Spring races

To get into shape and challenge yourself

The trail season gets underway in Vaucluse. With great events organised in different parts of the area, these races are the opportunity to run through preserved landscapes, like in Malaucène on 29 April, or discover authentic villages from another angle like in Cabrières d’Aigues on 15 May (Fr). It’s also possible to choose an Urban version at Avignon on 6 May, and enjoy a completely original way of visiting the city of the Popes and its emblematic monuments.

Coup de coeur

Fall in love…

The “foulée du Cèdre” on 4 June (Fr) at Villelaure

Nocturne des papes

Trail running events

in Springtime

Trail running excursions with a guide

le saviez-vous ?

Did you know?

This can also be a coaching session to get ready for a race with a professional to get to know the circuit.

To get off the beaten track

For quieter excursions that suit your schedule, the Vaucluse guides are available to design the perfect circuit for you according your level and what you would like.

On the Ventoux or in the ochres of the Luberon, the guides will show you brand-new paths at the heart of emblematic landscapes.

The trail running itineraries

To do solo

Some itineraries are specially signposted for trail running in Vaucluse. They are mainly distributed around Mont Ventoux at present.

They have distances from 8 to 50 km for a wide selection to suit all levels of runner, from beginner to experienced. It’s up to you to choose the circuit depending on what you feel like taking on that day!

le saviez-vous ?

Did you know?

The Vaucluse has 11 signposted trail itineraries.