Le Beaucet

TV07 - Entre Venasque et le Beaucet


Tourist service in Le Beaucet :

Ground conditions are very easy to run on, without particular difficulty. There is a bit of a steep climb at the start of the route (400m) but it takes you across a beautiful calade, allowing you to discover this local peculiarity. There is both a short but steep climb at 10 km, which is at the height of the famous climbing routes of Venasque. The route alternates between uphill and downhill gradients to reach the highest point of the route in Combe de Diable, first passing the priory of Notre de Dame de Vie, the bottom of the Nesque river (warning: lots of stones) and various single tracks. The way back is easy, through single tracks that are easy to run, passing through the village of Venasque.
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Dates and times

All year round.

Duration: 0 h

Languages spoken

  • French


Free access.


TV07 - Entre Venasque et le Beaucet
Parking en bas du village
84210 Le Beaucet
Tel : View number 04 90 63 00 78
E-Mail : cdpal@vaucluse.fr
Website : https://www.jaimecourir.fr/UniversTrail.aspx?univertrail=vaucluse


Longitude : 5.118936
Latitude : 43.983232

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