Benefitting from beautiful sunshine and an ideal climate, spring is the best time of year to visit Provence. Discover the remarkable heritage of Avignon and the Ventoux area; marvel at the colourful ochre landscapes, vineyards and the summit of Mont Ventoux; and delight in locally-grown fruits and vegetables...

Nature in Provence

Vibrant orange tones in the Luberon’s ochre landscapes, shades of green in the Côtes du Rhône vineyards and the incredible hues mineral on the summit of the Ventoux...

In the springtime, vines dress in young shoots that will protect their future grapes. Nearby, almond trees begin to blossom, opening their white buds… As a simple stop-off or a great voyage of exploration, touring the Côtes du Rhône by bike is the ideal itinerary for discovering these spring landscapes.

It is impossible to miss Mont Ventoux which stands out on the horizon in the east. Its summit is eternally white: winter snow has given way to a landscape of pale stone. Walking on the heights of the Ventoux is like stepping into another world…

The Provençal Colorado in the Luberon bears a great resemblance to the scenery of the other Colorado the other side of the Atlantic

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    Villages in Provence were often built nestled into the hillsides or on top of hills.

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    Cycling vineyards © O'Brien Thomas

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    Cycling vineyards © O'Brien Thomas

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    Cycling vineyards © O'Brien Thomas

History in Provence

The Popes’ Palace can now be visited using augmented reality thanks to the Histopad – a tablet that recreates the palace with the decor and atmosphere of the 14th century

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See ruines and monuments from the Roman era to the time of the Popes that bear witness to the richness of Vaucluse’s heritage – some of which are classified by UNESCO as World Heritage sites.

Discover what daily life was like for the Romans at the La Villasse and Puymins antique sites in Vaison-la-Romaine – with private baths, shops, and large houses…

Orange, further to the west, is a must-see for admiring the Roman Theatre and Arc de Triomphe, two of the best preserved Roman monuments.

Fast-forward through time to the 12th century at Notre Dame de Sénanque Abbey, a prime example of Cistercian architecture nestled in it’s a picturesque valley.

The famous Pont d'Avignon dis another landmark built in the 12th century, whose history was subsequently linked to that of the Popes’ Palace. .

The Roman Theatre in Orange is a fascinating journey back in time to an illustrious past when the theatre was at its peak. Built under the reign of Emperor Augustus, it is one of the best-preserved Roman theatres in the Western world.

Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site along with the Arch in 1981, the stage wall here still stands today as it did when it was originally built more than 2,000 years ago.

The virtual reality experience is more than worth it to help you visualise the splendour and magnificence of the facade of the stage wall, shown as it would have been at the time, complete with its marble furnishings and 76 grand pillars.

Displayed at set times each day, take a seat and your virtual reality headset and headphones will take you on an incredible immersive journey, where you’ll be transported right back to Roman times. Look around you and witness the construction of the theatre and the city of Orange as if you were experiencint it first-hand.


roman antique theatre

DIY in Provence

Wine workshops, cookery classes, make-your-own pottery, discover how to make 'santons' (typical Provençal figurines)… Create your own "Made in Provence" product and meet the artisans of Vaucluse.

What could be more fun than sharing and learning, feeling true joie de vivre and the satisfaction of creating something delicious? Feel all this and more in a cooking class!

And to learn what wine is best to go with your chef’s recipe, try one of the "food and wine pairing" workshops at Avignon’s L’Ecole des Vins. .

Prefer to meet the artisans? Go to the route des arts et Gourmandises to learn more about the craft skills of Provence

2 glasses, two test tubes, and 3 bottles will be waiting at each workstation, resembling a little chemist's lab, along with a pretty apron (bonus!)... Let the workshop begin ! 

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Gastronomy in Provence

Each year on the 1st Sunday of August, a floating market brings L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue to life: the producers set up on "Nego Chins" (small boats) and glide from one bank to the other at buyers’ beck and call.

Farmers’ markets, locally-grown fruit and veg, herbes de Provence, olive oil, truffles… The art of living in Provence is also the art of eating well!

And for finding good produce, there’s nothing like market stalls. Whether it be night markets, L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue’s floating market, or farmer’s markets, these outings are always the best time to stock up on produce such as vegetables, cheeses, and meats.

Ask the sellers for recipes best suited to their produce and leave with some fresh parsley leaves.