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The honey route in Vaucluse

Honey is a subtle, sweet taste, it is a colour that varies between golden and brown, and it also evokes memories of childhood: toast, spoonfuls to soothe coughs, tangy sweets – honey has numerous virtues, recognised since antiquity. Because the residents of Vaucluse are well aware of the benefits of this natural product, hives are ubiquitous in the landscape, at the edge of lavender fields and even in the gardens of the Palais des Papes.

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150 Km

Enclave des Papes


The apiaries of the Enclave

A producer from the Enclave des Papes

Since the 1970s, the Gougne family has watched over more than 500 hives spread throughout the Enclave des Papes in Vaison-la-Romaine. Its geographical location is ideal for lavender honey production even if the bees also forage in the surrounding vineyards and olive groves.

Enter this producer’s shop and discover a large choice of beekeeping products: honey, royal jelly and pollen. It is a nice way to start the honey itinerary in Vaucluse.

La Miellerie des Butineuses (The Shop of Honey)

Discover the world of bees

Head to Saint-Saturnin-lès-Avignon to visit another essential shop in Vaucluse.
In addition to finding all the hive products, cosmetics and delicacies, La Miellerie des Butineuses offers a free visit to discover the world of bees and honey harvesting techniques. An observation hive, explanatory panels and an exhibition of old equipment will allow you to better understand how these insects live and how beekeepers work.

Nougats Silvain

Nougat, or how to combine honey and almonds

Honey has found an ideal means of expression with nougat. An unmissable delicacy from Vaucluse, this small white or black bar is prepared with egg whites, honey, sugar and almonds. Consumed throughout the year, it is also very popular at Christmas on the table of 13 desserts.

At Nougats Silvain, to ensure optimal quality of the nougat, almond trees are grown and bees are kept. This art can be discovered during a visit of around 45 minutes, during which the steps of nougat production are revealed.

In video

Discover Nougats Silvain in images.

Miellerie du Grand Luberon

The last step of discovering honey in Vaucluse, Miellerie du Grand Luberon can be discovered on a hike or a visit to the villages of the south of the Luberon.

On the farm there is a vending machine for honey. Producers are often stationed by their hives which are a bit far away – they are said to be in transhumance. Next to this vending machine, you can find tasting pots and in summer a glass hive for observing the bees.

Rent a hive

In Avignon, Marcel & Marie offer hive rental. The advantages?
Collecting your own honey
Protecting bees and biodiversity
Following the evolution of the hive through 2 visits per year