The Nesque River Canyons © Hocquel

The Nesque River Canyons

The dizzying heights of nature

Classified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, come and discover this place which is full of surprises.

On the edge of the River Nesque

They might not be as well-known as the Verdon River gorges, but the Nesque gorges are a must-see for anyone travelling to Vaucluse!

The Nesque River Canyons: a mosaic of landscapes

Starting from the village of Monieux, follow the route of one of Vaucluse’s most beautiful walks!

Take the tourist route which links Monieux and Ville-sur-Auzon and prepare yourself for dizzying panoramic views as well as spectacular views over the canyon.

Take a break at the Belvédère du Castellaras (look-out point) to admire the Rocher du Cire. It takes its name from the bees who used to make their home here – “cire” is French for wax. From up here, you can admire the contrasting rocks of the Nesque gorges.

Descend deeper into the rugged landscape and you’ll discover the discreet presence of the Nesque – or rather its bed – well protected under the thick vegetation of the gorges.

And the last surprise of your walk – a little chapel carved into the rock dating from the 12th century, which can only be reached on foot!

le saviez-vous ?

Did you know?

The legend of the Rocher du Cire.

‘Calendal’, the great epic poem in praise of Provence published in 1867 by Frédéric Mistral, describes the daring adventure of the young hero Calendal, who, to show his bravery to his beloved, goes to collect honey and wax gathered together at his own risk!

the Rocher du Cire.

Stroll in the Nesque River Cayons

The Nesque River Cayons, a landscape shaped by time

Things to do in the Nesque River Canyons

The Nesque River Canyons are the perfect playground for lovers of the outdoors and beautiful, well-preserved nature. Depending on your level and what appeals to you, you can choose the path from the village via the GR9 (Long Distance Hiking Path) or the path along Monieux Lake in order to embark on an adventure in an exceptional setting.

More of a cycling fan? Hop on your bike and get going! The panoramic route of the Nesque River Canyons is celebrated for its tunnels and viewpoints over the Mont Ventoux… You can also make the journey by car if you wish!

Vaucluse Long Distance Trail – ‘Nesque River Canyons’ stage

For food lovers

So what’s waiting as a reward after all that effort?
Meet Joëlle and François Pihery along the road (la route des Gorges de la Nesque). They are passionate beekeepers who produce honey of an incomparable flavour.

Hiking in the Nesque River Canyons

Hear from visitors…

I had never heard about these gorges and yet they are well worth visiting.

I’d recommend a pretty little walk that brings you to the Saint-Michel chapel, built in the depths of the gorges and at the heart of the rock. It’s pretty impressive!

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