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What to do at Mont Ventoux?

The must-sees

Mont Ventoux – the Giant of Provence

A whopping 1,910 metres high, Mont Ventoux is the sentry that keeps watch over Vaucluse.
Hikes, bike rides, and even a top destination for food lovers:
the mountain, an icon of Provence, reveals all its secrets…

Hikes at Mont Ventoux

Nature lovers and sports experts – head straight to Mont Ventoux to recharge your batteries!

Enjoy walking in incredible countryside in this part of Provence which is classified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
Several hiking circuits traverse the slopes of the Giant of Provence: from family-friendly walks to circuits for the experienced hiker, anyone and everyone will be able to tackle the mountain.

Arrive in the early morning to enjoy the sunrise at the summit of Mont Ventoux: an experience that will remain etched into your memory forever!

More of a cyclist than a hiker? The routes at Mont Ventoux are known and popular among cyclists across the world. A good level of training is necessary for a safe climb up the mountain.

Hiking at Mont Ventoux © Verneuil Teddy

The Mont Ventoux is classified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The summit of Mont Ventoux

360°-degree view

The panorama from the summit of Mont Ventoux is one of the largest in Europe – boasting stunning views of the Rhône Valley, the Baronnies, Vaucluse Plateau and the summits of the Alps.

The summit of Mont Ventoux

An instantly recognisable summit

The Mont Ventoux, with its stony landscapes and telecom tower, is famous across the world.

The summit of Mont Ventoux

A windswept summit

Don’t forget to bring a jumper or windbreaker: the temperature at the summit of Mont Ventoux is generally more fresh than in the valley, even in the summer.

The Mont-Ventoux viewed from above

Take to the skies for 1 minutes and 30 seconds with this aerial footage of the “Giant of Provence”!

The Dentelles de Montmirail

Among the incredible landscapes of the Ventoux, you’ll appreciate the unique beauty of the Dentelles de Montmirail. Put your walking boots on and head off to explore!

There are several hiking paths to choose from – we would recommend the tour of Rocher du Midi, or the Tour Sarrasine itinerary – both relatively easy circuits which allow you to discover two unmissable parts of the massif.

Paragliding in the Mont Ventoux © Verneuil Teddy
Coup de coeur

Firm favourite

And why not fly and admire the Dentelles de Montmirail from the air? Book a session for an unforgettable and timeless experience!

Hiking in the Dentelles de Montmirail © O'Brien Thomas

Mont Ventoux: a foodie destination

Mont Ventoux is also known for its local produce, and let us warn you in advance… it’s all delicious!

Take a tour of farms to be treated to all the local specialities: strawberries from Carpentras, black figs from Caromb, apricots from Barroux, and black truffles from the Ventoux… perfect for foodies!

If you’re a lover of good wines*, you can also visit the wine estates nestled on the slopes of Mont Ventoux. The AOC Muscat grape of Ventoux does wine-growers proud – they’re more than happy to invite you to taste their finest wines!

Coup de coeur

Firm favourite

Head to the Provençal markets to get your fill of fresh produce (and the sing-song Provençal accent!)

In the markets of the Ventoux © Hocquel Alain

Sunset and day view