Picnic day Ventoux @Mon Nuage

Lunch in the Mont Ventoux vineyards

at Château Pesquié, Mont Ventoux

As soon as you step foot between the two long rows of plane trees, you’ll know that this day will be a lesson in the Provençal art of living. There’s cicadas, sunshine, breeze in the trees and dappled sunlight beneath the shade of foliage – and in the distance, at the end of the path, the ochre facade of Château Pesquié with the Mont Ventoux in the background.
A fairytale dream in the South of France!


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Stroll between the vines and the Ventoux mountains

You’ll be welcomed into the wine cellar by Céline – with her radiant smile, southern accent, hair cascading like a waterfall and laughing eyes, the children will love her. And you’ll love her too, especially as she certainly knows her stuff when it comes to the Rhône Valley and AOC Ventoux wines!

Armed with a map, set off on your stroll through the vines, snaking around the château and crossing several hectares of organic grape varieties such as grenache, syrah, and others. Mont Ventoux rises before you with its limestone summit that gives the appearance of being covered in snow all year round. It’s no surprise that this mountain which towers over Provence has become an iconic symbol of the area for everyone (especially cyclists!). The power of its presence is felt beyond the vineyards.

Château Pesquié ©VERNEUIL T

Did you know?

In the Provençal language, “Pesquié” means fishpond or water.
The “bastide” (large Provençal country house) is built on a network of water sources, all criss-crossing beneath the building. A number of fountains, all in one piece, decorate the gardens.

History fans – take time to discover the Roman origins of the vineyard and the construction of the château, which became the Provençal “bastide” that it is today in 1745.

Château Pesquié

In the cool of the wine cellar

Château Pesquié wine cellar
le saviez-vous ?

Notice for parents!

You’ll be happy to hear that there’s a children’s corner with books and colouring in the wine cellar, and then you’ll be able to leave your little ones running around in total safety on the grass, far from any dangerous roads!
Just make sure you bring hats and sun cream!

When you return to the cool of the wine cellar, Céline will begin the grand tour, clearly explaining all her expert knowledge. You’ll hang on her every word, breathe in the scents of the cellar, touch the wood of the barrels…

This immersion in the vines and the cellar plunges you straight into the philosophy of the estate and prepares you for the wine tastings. A mineral white, delightful rosé, and powerful, sunny reds… it’s time for lunch.
Take your seat – on the grass! Céline will give you a wicker basket and show you to a grassy terrace in the shade of three-hundred-year-old plane trees at the foot of the château.

Lunch is served… on the grass!

The children can help spread out the tartan picnic blanket, and the pop of the cork signals the beginning of this rustic (and locally-sourced!) banquet…

Sun-kissed cherry tomatoes, tapenade, goats’ cheese from next door, terrine, and seasonal fruit and veg – all accompanied by a ruby red “Terrasses” wine.
Raise a toast, smile, put your nose in the glass and smell… fruit, flowers, spices, and of course – delight!

The children take one gulp of a large glass of “sirop” (squash) and they’re off, launching into an imaginative game barefoot in the grass.
With the children’s laughter in the background, grown-ups can enjoy the picnic: snacking, sipping, and chatting. And maybe even a fifteen-minute nap in the shadow of the Giant of Provence, lulled by the sound of cicadas and the children babbling away.

Later on in the afternoon, and you’re back on the path with the plane trees. The cases of bottles in the boot of the car will serve as a reminder of this day, a true taste of the Provençal art of living.

You’ll smile when you think about the barbecue you’ll be having when you return, sharing a bottle of “Terrasses” or “Quintessence” with your friends… at the first mouthful, images of the sunshine will come flooding back into your mind along with the scent of freshly cut grass and the sound of the cicadas. Memories of a picnic at a château in the south of France.

Picnic in the gardens at Château Pesquié

The shop

Aside from your favourite bottle – Quintessence, Les Terrasses or Artemia – you will also find the estate’s own olive oil, beautifully packaged in a lovely round bottle, and a vast range of local specialities, carefully selected from neighbouring farmers and craftsmen.
It’s impossible not to find the perfect gift for someone special!

For cycling fans

Château Pesquié can be found at the intersection of two of the signposted routes by ‘Provence à vélo’: Gateway to Mont Ventoux (23 km, easy) and The Terraced Fields of Mont Ventoux (26 km, average level).
You can hire bikes from one of several rental companies found at the foot of the Ventoux (racing bikes, road bikes, or electric bikes).

Stroll through the vines

Easily accessible for the whole family, this walk through the vines will take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your pace. There’s no need for walking boots, just comfortable clothing.
A map with commentary of the route is available in French, English, Dutch and German, enabling you to better understand the “terroirs” and grape varieties.

Practical Information

When to come
From April to October, when there’s lovely weather.

Every day except Sunday

Book on +33 (0)4 90 61 94 08, or by email at contact@chateaupesquie.com