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In the heart of Roman Provence

Provence at the time of the Roman Empire

Many years ago, in ancient times, the Romans fell under Provence’s spell. From lands always bathed in sunlight to the soft, gentle countryside – the Romans were soon completely captivated by this place.

The remains of Roman Provence

There’s no need to venture far in Vaucluse to find a trace of Roman times. Roads, bridges and aqueducts: the Romans’ genius construction abilities are evident in all four corners of the department!

To see Provence’s most beautiful Roman remains, you have the choice of Carpentras, Avignon, Vaison la Romaine, or even Orange – all these towns were established by the Romans.

One of the best examples of Roman monuments is certainly the ancient theatre in Orange – we highly recommend you visit. Aside from the site’s spectacular character, its stage wall is also one of the best preserved stage walls in an ancient theatre in the whole world. Worth seeing, we’d say!

Top tip

After visiting the ancient theatre in Orange, head to the Art and History Museum – particularly for its little section dedicated to the Gallo-Roman era. You can get joint tickets for visiting both the theatre and the museum!

Ancient theatre in Orange

Antique site


The antique site of Puymin

Roman remains


Orange’s Triumphal Arch

Antique site


The antique site of Villasse

The art of living the Roman way

It’s not only monuments that bear witness to the Roman influence on Provence! Their presence helped to change the way of life in France and more specifically, in our beautiful Provence. But first, think of bathing rituals and the rise of thermal baths… you can see remains in Vaison-la-Romaine (which is the biggest open air archaeological site in France) and, to delve even deeper, try balneotherapy – the modern version of ancient thermal cures.

It’s impossible to talk about the Roman Empire without mentioning their incredible taste for festival and performance. Attend the famous “Chorégies d’Orange” or Roman festival for a glimpse, and you’ll see that we can give the Romans a run for their money when it comes to festivities!

Chorégies d'Orange taking place in the ancient theatre

Good to know

The “Chorégies d’Orange” takes place during the summer. More details on the event website.

Medieval Festival in Orange

Visit archaeological sites

in Vaison-la-Romaine

In Vaison-la-Romaine, explore two sites which are sure to fire up your imagination and stick in your mind long after your visit.

Tour of the ancient sites of Vaison la Romaine