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Top activities for spring holidays in Vaucluse

As a family, with friends or as a couple, spring holidays in Provence promise sunny days, outings to enjoy the landscapes of the Luberon, the protected nature of the Mont Ventoux Regional National Park, the springtime colours of the vineyards of the Rhône Valley, and the welcoming terraces of Avignon.

Workshops for children

The spring holidays bring with them the time for chocolate and creative workshops for decorating eggs. It is a popular tradition for children, particularly enjoyed in addition to the egg hunt during this chocolate period.

To prolong the pleasure of creating, imagining and crafting, other workshops are planned throughout the holidays: ceramics, soap, cooking – there are plenty of ways to have fun with materials, flavours and colours.

Workshops for children
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Not to be missed

The traditional Easter egg hunts

Workshops for children

Workshops for children

Taking part in a wine and/or cooking workshop

All the flavours of Provence

To discover Côtes du Rhône wine is to become familiar with a very varied range of flavours: between wines with great character and sweet wines, the tastings have different approaches. And in terms of food and wine pairings, there are even more possibilities for wowing the taste buds!

In the kitchen
, spring vegetables will awaken your senses and enhance your dishes. Assisted by a chef, learn to sauté, simmer, grill – all bringing out the best of products grown in Provence.

Coup de coeur

Fall in love…

The schedule of the workshops of the Avignon Wine School: cinema, desserts, flowers…

Cooking workshops

Wine and cooking workshops

Combining sport and gourmet

Cycling through vineyards, hiking with gourmet breaks, picnics with local producers – these are some examples of gourmet outings possible in springtime in Provence.

From the most classic walk on a winemaker’s trail to discovering the area on horseback, moving around while discovering seasonal products is possible. And when the landscapes of the Luberon, Mont Ventoux and the Rhône Valley also allow contemplation, what more can you ask?

The best ideas for different ways to discover vineyards

Springtime gourmet outings

Get active: cycling, hiking, climbing, fishing…

For a spirited springtime!

If you like to stay active, the tour guides and leisure providers of Vaucluse have prepared a lovely programme for the holidays. This period is ideal for learning or perfecting climbing, but also for fishing for trout in the Sorgue river.

The light is also perfect for ascending to admire the vineyards and valleys from a hot-air balloon or a microlight.ère ou un ULM.

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Top tip

You can also contact the tour guides directly for customised activities!


Springtime sports activities

Améthyste - Balades enchantées

Améthyste – Balades enchantées


From 28/11/2023 to 31/12/2024, daily.

Tis'Ânes en Luberon

Tis’Ânes en Luberon


From 18/09/2023 to 19/05/2024, daily.

Améthyste - Grimpe d'arbres

Améthyste – Grimpe d’arbres


From 15/11/2023 to 31/12/2024, daily.

Aventure, Vaucluse sans faille

Aventure, Vaucluse sans faille


From 01/09/2023 to 29/06/2024, daily.

Exploring and having fun

Visiting a town and a village is always a rewarding activity. And when this doubles up as a recreational activity, it’s exciting and fun!

Numerous destinations in Vaucluse understand this and there are now a good number of villages which invite you to discover them through a puzzle or a treasure hunt. These can often lead you to streets that you would not have taken during a more classic walk!

Exploring and having fun
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Do you like to solve puzzles? There are no less than 12 “Stories in the town” available in the Tourist Offices of Vaucluse! (fr)

Stories in the town

Exploring and having fun

Treasure hunts and mysteries in the villages

Closer to our animal friends

At the farm or equestrian centre

Spending time with animals is therapeutic and rewarding. You have to learn to adapt to their character, to their pace, to their needs: it is a good way of learning to care for another living being, and a good source of motivation for hiking the trails of the Luberon or Mont Ventoux.

This time may also be simply for contemplation, to learn to understand and appreciate them better. This is what ornithological walks and visits to the farm offer.

Closer to our animal friends


Provence is also a cultural destination, with shows scheduled throughout the year. Springtime is no exception, offering a range of concerts, theatre productions and shows for young audiences. We will come across Julien Clerc, Bénabar, Jane Birkin, Merlin, Beethoven, Jazz groups and a few magicians.

What’s more, all of these often take place at prestigious venues such as the Palais de Papes, the Roman Theatre, or the Opéra Grand Avignon.


More ideas

Find the whole programme of events in Avignon, Luberon, Mont Ventoux and the Rhône Valley

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