Botanical paths in the Vaucluse © Hocquel

Following the botanical paths in the Vaucluse

Flowering plants

Perfect for getting out into nature on sunny days, often easily accessed with children, the botanical paths lead you to meet sometimes unexpected flora, that was used in Provençal cuisine (and sometimes still today), to treat yourself naturally, or as a plant dye pigment and paint.
Ideas for outings to reconnect with this beneficial nature!

Around the Ventoux

From the top of Mont Serein to the Toulourenc valley

The Jean-Henri Fabre path high up at 1437 m of altitude on mont Serein, gives a unique viewpoint of the summit of the Ventoux. It can be enjoyed all along this walk between pine trees, larch and other varieties (such as whitebeam, mountain pine lichens…), in the heart of a forest showing how nature and humans cohabit in this area classified as a Nature Reserve since 1990 and Regional Nature Park since 2020. Panels along the paths explain all about transhumance, how stone wells are made, the forest gaining on the meadows…

The Savoillans botanical path echo each other a few kilometres apart. These paths enable you to admire the land art works, unique in Vaucluse, dotted along a path abundant in nature, as you discover the vitally important fauna and flora on your walk!

Worth visiting

Nature is also revealed around the delicate nature spaces to the North of the Ventoux

The Jean-Henri Fabre path

Between Vaucluse Mountains and Luberon

Set out on the Lagnes botanical path in front of the Town Hall. Enjoy an hour-long walk between undergrowth, stone wells, garrigue, traces of fossils, with panels here and there explaining the secrets. Take the time to admire the view that embraces the Luberon region to the Dentelles de Montmirail!

At Lourmarin, the Pierrouret path, which starts out from the foot of the Renaissance château, invites you to walk a 3.5 km circuit discovering landscapes described by Henri Bosco. From the edges of the village to the banks of the Aiguebrun, you’ll walk through landscapes with pine forests, fruit tree orchards, olive trees then the Mediterranean garrigue, lulled by birdsong (chaffinches, nuthatches, tits…), adding a lovely dimension to this hike.

The Citadelle garden, in Ménerbes meanders between garden and botanical path. Aromatic, medicinal, magical plants(!)… You’ll find a colourful plant world with 400 varieties here with a stunning view over the Luberon.


Worth visiting

Nature is also revealed around the delicate nature spaces from the Ventoux mountains to the foot of the Ventoux


Paths and gardens

Between Vaucluse Mountains and Luberon

Around Avignon

Urbain V garden at the Popes’ Palace
le saviez-vous ?

Did you know?

In Avignon, the Pope’s Garden, Palace garden and Urbain V orchard at the Popes’ Palace invite you immerse yourself in mediaeval gardens filled with the Mediterranean plant varieties found in these gardens in the 14th century.

Des Villeneuve-lez-Avignon à Caumont-sur-Durance

The botanical path from the Saint-André Abbey in Villeneuve-lez-Avignon gives you the opportunity to walk around the 2-hectare garden where more than one hundred listed remarkable varieties flourish, surrounded by many historic vestiges. The perfect place to recharge your batteries in multiple ambiances.
And the little bonus: a breathtaking view of the Cité des Papes!

At Caumont-sur-Durance, the Garance path offers a very beautiful walk on the Piécaud hill, classed as an Exceptional Nature Space. Along the 2-km route, panels help you identify the varieties (you can also get a full leaflet from the tourist information point). Sarsaparilla, laurestine, oaks, madder, iris, broom, rockrose, pistachio trees, juniper, Phillyrea… Twenty or so varieties are waiting to be discovered!

Paths and gardens

around Avignon

Rhone Valley

The Uchaux-Sérignan botanical path, starting out from Sérignan-du-Comtat, invites you to follow in the footsteps of Jean-Henri Fabre, the famous French entomologist nicknamed the Homer of insects. You’ll discover more than a hundred different plants along on your way thanks to a booklet available from the Tourist Office.

The Uchaux-Sérignan botanical path,

Worth visiting

Continue your discovery on the Lichens path starting out from Sérignan-du-Comtat, by the Harmas Jean-Henri Fabre. It winds through the streets and enables you to explore the village as well as enjoy a botanical discovery.

Jean-Henri Fabre

Paths and gardens

around Rhone Valley

Uchaux botanical trail

in Sérignan-du-Comtat

Ecological trails

in Châteauneuf-du-Pape