The best garden visits

Spring is the best season for strolling through parks and gardens showing the colours of Provence, like along the luxurious massifs in the Harmas Jean-Henri Fabre, designed to encourage biodiversity, or the paths of the French gardens, or reflecting in the botanical gardens.

Flower markets and botanical outings

An explosion of colours and scents in spring

Whether you are looking to find the perfect flower to make the window boxes on your low walls look pretty, or you want to find out about all the edible plants growing at the foot of the Ventoux, you can choose from a wide selection of outings throughout spring to satisfy your curiosity or wanting to get out into nature.



The 19th edition of the Rendez-vous au jardin (Fr) will take place from 3 to 5 June all over France.


Garden outings not to be missed

Rendez-vous aux Jardins - Go to the gardens

Rendez-vous aux Jardins – Go to the gardens


From Friday 31 May to Sunday 2 June 2024.

Visite guidée des jardins de l'Abbaye Saint-André dans le cadre des

Visite guidée des jardins de l’Abbaye Saint-André dans le cadre des “Rendez-vous aux jardins”


Saturday 1st of June 2024 Opening hours on Monday and Saturday at 11 am and at 2 pm and at 4 pm.

Visit a garden


Worth the detour

Enter the world of Roselyne Giorgis, a passionate specialist! Explore her rose garden on the banks of the Sorgue (Fr), but also all the by-products and uses for this unique rose, and the subtle combinations used in making perfume, gastronomy and poetry…

Remarkable, botanical gardens or havens of greenery

Medicinal and aromatic species, edible wild plant or magical plants are among what can be discovered in botanical gardens.

But more than anything gardens are spaces to relax in where strolling is the done thing. This is what gardens classed as remarkable aim for, which enchant you through the serenity found there and encourage contemplation.

Outings in sensitive natural spaces

Throughout the year, the Département gives you the opportunity to discover the flora and fauna of sensitive natural areas. Events are organised in this preserved areas to observe the biodiversity that flourishes in the undergrowth, gorges, lakes, forests or springs in Vaucluse. You can see frogs, butterflies, dragonflies, bats, birds, rare plants…

le saviez-vous ?

Did you know?

22 places have the “Sensitive natural area” label in Vaucluse.


All outings in sensitive natural spaces