La Louve Garden BONNIEUX

The garden was awarded the status of “Outstanding Garden” (Jardin Remarquable) in December 2007 and is planted with a variety of species, arranged in a succession of terraces. Stone elements play an important design role - with stone balls, stone angels and pebbles from the Durance river.

A complex garden, that blends in wonderfully with the surrounding countryside - 'the borrowed landscape,' using a restricted range of plants. Its beauty is due in part to the play between the green foliage and landscape.
La Louve was designed and built by Nicole de Vésian, a designer with Hermès who specialised in textiles and later in life turned to gardens. She purchased La Louve in 1986, as a village house with a plot of south-facing waste land. Over the course of ten years, she transformed the space into a complex work of art, combining stone and topiarised scrubland plants, and in so doing transformed the image of the Provencal garden. As she turned 80, Nicole de Vésian decided to build a new house, with a garden on a single level, near the top of the village. She then sold La Louve to Judith Pillsbury, an art dealer from Paris and garden expert, who has tended the garden like a curator.
Nowadays Sylvie and Pascal Verger-Lanel maintain the character of each one of the four major garden spaces, replacing plants when necessary with total respect for the original design and layout.

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Longitude: 5.306029
Latitude: 43.821712

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