A one-of-a-kind couples’ weekend in Vaucluse @Planque

A weekend getaway to secret Provence

Explore Vaucluse’s hidden gems with your other half

Provence is brimming with unmissable spots, and if you’re already familiar with the Dentelles de Montmirail, the Mont Ventoux or even the ochre landscapes of the Luberon, it’s time to head off in search of secret Provence.


2 days



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Stroll together hand in hand

We begin our day at the Popes’ Palace…

…one of Avignon’s gems and the largest gothic palace in Europe! Nowadays, it can be explored in a new and unexpected way with a guided tour.
Move through the Palace with your guide, as you read information and hear anecdotes about its storied past… This is more than a tour – it’s a chance to uncover all the secrets of the city’s most iconic building.

Coup de coeur

Love at first sight

The Villa Garden is a unique place at the Foundation.
Several artists have made use of this space to install their works, in harmony with the surrounding vegetation.

Guided tour of the Popes’ Palace @ Planque


Curiosities of Vaucluse.

Follow Youtuber “Axolot” in his exploration of Vaucluse’s hidden gems!

A night under the stars.

Get a good night’s sleep in a secret hideout!

In Méthamis, discover the joy of sleeping under the stars in a cosy cocoon… The room is equipped with a railing system – in a few seconds, the bed can be moved to the outside terrace, against a backdrop of the Milky Way and its countless wonders.


Once you’ve relaxed in the warmth of the jacuzzi, slide happily between the sheets, full of a childlike impatience to see the stars.

Metafort guesthouse in Méthamis

Drinks on a barge.

For a romantic moment, head to Le Vinotage, a narrow boat moored on the Rhone River.

Following the well-informed advice of your waiter, choose to taste a local Rhone Valley wine, accompanied by olive and tomato spreads. As you tuck into this little Provence feast, admire the view of the sun setting over the Popes’ Palace…

The Vinotage barge on the Rhône river @ bardbenjaminbpixphotographie