Expérience en van dans les vignes

The Domaine de la Tourade: through the vines in a vintage van!

Through the vineyards in a vintage Volkswagen minivan

A bit tired of traditional visits to wine estates? At Domaine de la Tourade you’ll have the chance to tour the vineyards in a 70’s minivan.
Climb aboard a beautiful VW “combi westfalia” (vintage campervan) and you’re off for a drive through the vines – 70s style!


2 days



Parking :


The Domaine de la Tourade

As soon as you arrive at the estate, you will be welcomed with a big smile from Fred at the wheel of his minivan. If you’re a fan of vintage cars, you’ll be thrilled to have the opportunity just to climb aboard such a vehicle! Once settled, you’ll be delighted to see the retro interior – you would think you’ve stepped back in time to the 70’s!

Already time for the first stop – a tasting.
Fred will passionately explain the complexity of the estate’s precious wines, and you’ll get to find out the differences between white, rosé and red at Domaine de la Tourade. A bit later on, you’ll taste the estate’s two most recent vintages, accompanied by some little treats to nibble on!

Coup de coeur

A firm favourite

Fred is also passionate about music! Enjoy the drive while listening to Hendrix’s riffs or Robert Plant’s powerful voice – all in all a guaranteed Woodstock atmosphere.

Vineyard experience in a minivan

Sleep in a minivan

Having fallen under the spell of the vineyards and the views of the Dentelles de Montmirail, you’ll have only one wish – for the experience to last longer!
Why not spend the night at Domaine de la Tourade in a 70’s minivan “combi-gîte”? But what exactly is that, you ask? It’s a little space converted to give you all the necessary comforts: kitchen, bathroom, and even a barbecue – everything is here to make this feel like a home.
Spend the night wrapped up warm in a sleeping bag, in the cosy cocoon of the van…

From the first hours of the morning, you won’t be able to resist taking in the sunrise: the landscapes surrounding the vineyards seem unreal.

Vineyard experience in a minivan
Coup de coeur


During the summertime, the estate organises a number of events.
Bring your records and share your musical favourites… all while tasting Domaine de la Tourade’s wines, of course!

Kombi VW - Gîte de la Tourade