Winter landscapes in the Vaucluse © Hocquel

In my winter garden in the Vaucluse

Landscapes and the charm of a winter in Provence

From the summit of Mont Ventoux to the hollows of the valleys,
From the banks of the Sorgue to hilltop villages,
In the Vaucluse, the winter colour palette is magnificent.
Golden yellow, copper orange, blazing purple, powder pink,
Shades from cyan blue to sparkling white,
In our corner of Provence, discover
unexpected atmospheres as well as sunny blue skies.

Copper orange and golden yellow intertwined

« Un soleil“A sun, a light that – for want of a better word – I can only call yellow (…) How beautiful yellow is!” – Vincent Van Gogh

A golden belt around Mont Ventoux, the elegant train of the vineyards at the foot of the
Dentelles, an amber dawn over Cairanne…
Shades of yellow beautifully enhance the landscapes.

Mont Ventoux

Between coral, lilac and candy pink

In the Vaucluse, we see life through rose-tinted glasses!

From Avignon Bridge at the break of day, I will follow the course of the sun through the countryside and contemplate the rosy dusk at Lourmarin castle.

Rhone et Ventoux en hiver

Between blue and green

“A beautiful November sky with autumnal brightness
Bathing the hazy vales in its warmth;
The fires of the day drank the morning drops
Sparkling in the grass at the edge of the stony fields”.
Auguste Lacaussade, The Autumnals (1876)

From the waters of the Sorgue to the frosty alleyways, winter is setting in and surrounding the landscapes in its limpid, chilly weather. Light green and icy blue blend up to the skies.  

Fontaine de Vaucluse

The Giant of Provence, Mont Ventoux

The vases have flowers of frost,
Under the bower of white webs;
And on the snow we see a succession
Of the birds’ starry steps
Théophile Gauthier, Poem “Winter fantasy”

High up, white prevails – heavy, cold and powdery.
And sets off the contrast with all the colours
to delight the eyes.

Neige au Mont Ventoux