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Winter flavours in Provence

In winter, our palate can also find its share of delights, both savoury and sweet. In the Vaucluse, a quintessential French growing region, there are so many flavours to delight our taste buds, whatever the season, and even on the shortest of days! It’s time to enjoy delicious recipes, culinary delights and local specialities.


fruits and vegetables

The garden of France, the land of the Vaucluse offers up its delicious food to be enjoyed all year round. Looking for some inspiration? To discover something new? Here are some ideas that make chard taste truly delicious, and include dry fruit in some irresistible gourmet creations

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In Bédarrides, Jonquières, Caderousse and Velleron… in winter as in summer, the Provençal markets take place alternately in the department, their stalls popping up here and there every day of the week.

Provençal markets

Trout from Isle-sur-la-Sorgue

A rainbow to boot

Gliding through fresh water at 13° all year round, where they will spawn, the rainbow trout at the family-run fish farm in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue certainly live up to their name. With their slow breeding cycle, they thrive in this perfectly peaceful environment.

Trout from Isle-sur-la-Sorgue

The inimitable black diamond

CHow could we not mention the truffle, that distinctive flavour of the Vaucluse, which can be found at the foot of Mont Ventoux or in l’Enclave-des-Papes, in Richerenches to be precise, where numerous specialist markets are dedicated to it, as well as a mass, which takes place every year, on the 3rd Sunday in January.

truffle in Provence

Our local delicacies are the perfect sweet treat

During the festive season, you’re allowed to indulge:  you can enjoy a few more sweets and goodies than usual, which you will be offered with a smile.

So here is a list of our favourite sweet treats, to be consumed without moderation!

La Papaline d’Avignon: No, it’s not a legend, but the great speciality of Avignon! To discover what it is and the story behind it, it’s this way (link to follow)

Nougat: a subtle combination of honey and almonds, nougat gives you a homegrown taste sensation that is just like lavender honey. It’s a must-try from the 13 Christmas desserts.
Nougat Silvain in Saint Didier
Nougat Boyer in Sault
Bruno Delade in Caumont

Le Berlingot: This tangy sweet is made in every colour of the rainbow, using candied fruit syrup. Discover this speciality from Carpentras.

Candied fruit: with their sugar glaze, candied fruit also have a place on the platter of the 13 desserts. In the Vaucluse, they even have their own Capital city: Apt! …and a place dedicated to them: La Maison du fruit confit, where you can discover its array of eye-catching multicoloured jars, an exhibition space and a tea room. It’s a must-see!

Bollène specialities: Spotlight on the Mistralet and the Pavé du Lez (Link to article). While the first was born of the creative imagination of local pastry chef, Francis Demogue, who created it in honour of his city, the second is intimately connected to its history.

Also among our top picks are our local artisan chocolatiers

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Did you know?

What is the difference between a Gibassier (a pastry that is a speciality in Provence) and a Pompe à Huile (a traditional Provençal olive oil brioche)? Find out here (fr)

Berlingots of Carpentras