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Eco-Beds: our favourites!

Do you want an adventure and to get off the beaten track? After a beautiful getaway hiking and cycling to discover villages and vineyards, etc., arrive at an unusual accommodation, sometimes even autonomous, for a night (or several) in a cozy “eco-bed”.  Let’s go, it’s time for an eco-friendly experience where we use green energy, save water resources and take care of nature – and ultimately of ourselves. In all these places we have managed to find simple luxury combining comfort and ecology!

The “Coucoo Grands Cépages” Utopia floating eco-cabin

The adventure begins upon arrival at the Grands Cépages, in Sorgues

The cabin stands on the pond of the Lioness. But it is not docked! It is only accessible by boat. A short 40m rowing session will take you to your cocoon for the night. Here, the bathroom works with a water recovery system, the toilets and the shower by a floating phyto-purification, and the electricity is produced by solar panels. Here you are alone in the world in this 100% ecological room, lulled by the lapping of the water, the birds, the cicadas and the crickets – a little taste of paradise. 

le saviez-vous ?

Did you know?

Coucoo Grands Cépages is labelled with the “Accueil Vélo” certification. Cyclist friends, you will enjoy a privileged welcome. 

the Grands Cépages, in Sorgues

The bird cabin, the Lodge tent, the Square from elsewhere, La Sorguette

Campiste La Sorguette - Provenza
le saviez-vous ?

Did you know?

La Sorguette, in addition to being labelled with the “Accueil Vélo” certification, is also labelled Clef Verte, an eco-label that rewards its environmental policy, its societal approach, its waste and water management and its responsible purchasing.

At La Sorguette, a campsite on the banks of the Sorgue, on Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, we opt for a “roots and glamping” stay: no heating, dry toilets or toilet blocks nearby. We opt for the exotic atmosphere: perched like a bird in its wooden nest with breakfast in a basket that we hoist on a rope, on safari in a wood and canvas lodge tent, or a tiny cocoon in a bright square of wood, glass and canvas. Whatever your choice (a difficult one to make), one thing is sure: you will be impressed!

Mont Ventoux

The “Luciole”, “Fourmis”, “Grillon” and stilt cabins with views of the Ventoux

Always in “roots comfort” mode, we set out our sleeping bags at an altitude of 1437m, 6km from the summit of the Ventoux, which seems so close we could almost touch it. Tonight, we will sleep at the Le Mont Serein campsite. Cabins on stilts (ideal for storing bicycles and equipment under the cabin), Luciole cabin, Grillon cabin, Fourmis cabin in tribute to Jean-Henri Fabre, a renowned entomologist, a Vauclusian at heart and protector of the environment before his time: here, the minimalist comfort (we will be using shared toilets and showers) takes us back to what is essential: sleeping well under the protection of the Giant of Provence in a wooden cocoon.