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Brunching in Vaucluse

Do you prefer savoury or sweet?
Is it a complicated choice? We have put together a list of the best brunches in the Vaucluse so all you have to do is enjoy yourself!

It’s the unmissable meal at the weekends!

Brunch is the contraction of the words “Breakfast” and “lunch” and can combine sweet things from breakfast and savoury things from lunch for your taste buds to enjoy!
With your family or friends, enjoy time together around a table that combines all of your favourite dishes, where everyone can eat what they prefer.

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Brunch - produits locaux

A chef in charge of your oven?

Calling on the expertise of a professional chef in your home to impress your guests is the perfect opportunity to enjoy it alongside them.
Here is a list of chefs who will come to your home to prepare the delicious spread of your choosing!

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who will make brunch just for you

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