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Truffle Museum in Richerenches

Uncover the secrets of the “black diamond” of Vaucluse

It’s known as “Tuber Melanosporum”, the “Rabasse” of Provence or the “black diamond”.
This famous mushroom makes the medieval village of Richerenches Europe’s black truffle capital.


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Richerenches, in the Popes’ Enclave

Richerenches ©KESSLER G

Truffle Market

Every Saturday morning from mid-November until the end of March, 300-400 truffle farmers assemble themselves at the Richerenches Truffle Market.

Richerenches, a small village of 700 inhabitants and long ago home to a Commandery of the Knights Templar, is curled up in the middle of the vineyards, surrounded by a multitude of olive groves and truffle oak trees.
A lovely museum dedicated to Rabasse truffles can be found near the Tourist Office. Here, you can find out more about this savoury mushroom which elegantly flavours sweet and savoury dishes.

A museum dedicated to truffle

Enter a beautiful stone vaulted room and learn about the truffle oaks which have been planted beside the vine stocks. The signs include fascinating information to explain the essentials and satisfy your curiosity, if not your palate.
This museum reveals the secrets of the truffle through its interactive machines, explanatory signs, antiques, videos, and truffle-related recipes inspired by Vaucluse’s own Michelin-starred chef, Christian Etienne. And with a bit of luck, you’ll get to meet a passionate truffle-harvester who can answer any questions and share their knowledge and love of truffle with you.

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le saviez-vous ?

Did you know?

Truffle-growing and viticulture go hand-in-hand. The harvest is done, grapes in the vat… and now to commence the truffle harvest in mid-November.

Richerenches ©KESSLER G


Truffle and wine museum
Place Hugues de Bourbouton
84600 Richerenches
+33 (0)4 90 28 05 34

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Richerenches – a village with a storied past

Templar House ©HOCQUEL A

A foodie’s advice

Don’t forget to taste the famous truffle omelette at the Saturday morning market – introducing the truffle to your palate is also a vital part of a visit to Richerenches!

Richerenches, village of the Knights Templar

Backing onto the 12th-century Templar House, this beautiful building, which holds the museum, demonstrates the importance that the people of Richerenches accord not only to their historic culture but also their gastronomy.
Once the Truffle market is officially proclaimed open and the famous mass celebrated, throughout the winter, the village becomes a shrine to the so called “black diamond” truffle.