Seeing Provence the vintage way

The choice is yours from a ‘Deuche’ 2CV, Mehari or Solex motorised bicycle

Ah, the little roads through the south of France…! Travelling down long side roads edged with plane trees, the little paths running over the hill with the scents of the garrigue floating in through the wound-down window of your smart 2CV, revving Triumph or mythic cabriolet Beetle! Find the perfect speed to cruise along in a car or on a motorbike that take you back in time, to contemplate landscapes and meet people.

At the wheel of a 2CV (Deuche to those in the know)

on the roads of Provence

The Deudeuche is all about passion. And several set-ups are so passionate, they make their precious 2CV available for you to hire in Vaucluse, so they can share the enjoyment of visiting the villages of the Ventoux, the Luberon or Rhône Valley at the pace that suits visiting these destinations.
You have the chance to set out down lanes surrounded by vines or lavender fields at the wheel of the distinctively curved car with a roadbook (no need for a GPS) this summer.

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As an option

Some car hirers provide a vintage picnic-filled basket for you to add to the atmosphere!

Where can you hire a 2CV?

Ride a mythical Vélosolex motorised bicycle

Info pratique

Where can you hire a Solex?

Solex en Lub’ in Lauris
La Balade des Gens Heureux in Travaillan

Back to the 70s!

Discovering the emblematic sites of Vaucluse takes on a special dimension in the saddle of a Solex on a guided ride through the vineyards of Orange, or freely exploring on your own.

It all starts when you turn on the engine, which you do with the kickstand up: after lowering the engine, you have to pedal like mad to get it going… it’s an art. Then you take to the roads on this mythical piece of machinery with your hair blowing in the wind!

It’s like experiencing the freedom of being a teenager in France when they went off to see their friends on a ‘mob’!

Volkswagen Kombi van, Beetle or Mehari?

Between nostalgia and art of living

Stay in the 70s with your hair in the wind, and get settled behind a steering wheel this time, of a must-experience convertible Mehari and Beetle.

The Mehari arrived in May 68 and obviously takes us back to the hippie years. For that matter the surfers of the time really took to it.

A Kombi van is a good choice for sticking with the Hippie vibe but making your stay longer by spending a night!

As for the Beetle, it takes us back even further because it has been on the road since the 60s!

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Top tip

The Yes Provence agency delivers its vehicles to where you are staying on holiday.

Where can you hire a Beetle, Mehari, S7 or Kombi van?

Yes Provence

Meharis, Beetles and VW Kombi vans

S7 Provence

Caterham Super Seven

Authentique Provence

Cabriolet Beetles

Exploring the Luberon in a Mehari

Set out in a Mehari to visit the villages in the Luberon and bring childhood memories back…

Motorbike rides in the Luberon

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Good to know

You can stay longer by staying in a 4* partner hotel.

Time for Rock&Roll

(Re)discover the joy of going out on a motorbike along the winding roads of the Luberon behind the handlebars of a Royal Enfield Bullet, a motorbike designed at the end of the 40s.

Thanks to Michel, your guide, you’ll visit the gems of this destination: Gordes, Apt, Bonnieux… Several itineraries in the wild Luberon or foodie Luberon are offered, like for example taking a break in Apt to taste candied fruit.

It’s also the opportunity to go through villages that bear the mark of Albert Camus or Henri Bosco and meet artisans from the region by visiting an oil mill or Lavender honey sweet maker.