Forteresse de Mornas ©PAMATO L

Discover Mornas Fortress

Be transported back to medieval times

Don’t forget your armour when you visit Mornas Fortress (or good walking shoes – these will work very well too)! Perched on a cliff which overlooks the small village, this defensive structure (whose ruins were saved and completely restored by devoted members of the public from 1977), takes you straight back in time to the Middle Ages…


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Visiting Mornas Fortress

The climb to the Fortress

Mornas Fortress ©KESSLER G
Coup de coeur

Firm favourite

Do your children dream of being princes and princesses?
They’ll have the opportunity to enjoy medieval games or workshops for some lively fun!

From the road, it’s impossible to miss – you’re bound to spot its impressive silhouette on the horizon from a few miles away! From the top of the cliff at more than 130 metres above the ground, it’s certainly understandable that this fortress had a role in protecting the little village of Mornas…

Once the car is parked in the village, the adventure can really begin.
But it won’t just be handed to you on a silver platter: a steep pathway on the side of the cliff awaits you before you can reach the fortress! As you walk along the path it’s worth taking many little stops to have a look at the views of the Rhône Valley and the river.

Ideal for the whole family

Go and explore Mornas Fortress with a “visite animée” (animated visit) – the children will definitely love it!

Chevaliers and lords are waiting for you to come and see what daily life in medieval times is like.
The funny characters with their appearance and accents of long ago will spark your curiosity, and you’ll discover with amazement all the hidden treasures at this registered Historic Monument. However, the highlight is definitely at the top of the keep. From there you’ll be able to spot the white Dentelles de Montmirail as well as the majestic Mont Ventoux.

Forteresse de Mornas ©COLOMBE PROD
Coup de coeur

Unusual bonus

Buy a “kit intrigue dans la ville” (fun, interactive puzzle trail around the town) in Bollène Tourist Office.
Follow a trail through the undergrowth and reach Mornas Fortress in the most fun way possible!

Mornas Fortress ©COLOMBE PROD