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Top spots for admiring and photographing lavender

From the end of June to mid-August, when the landscape is brightened by fields cloaked in lavender, we only have one wish: to settle down at the edge of a field, where bees and butterflies twirl in a joyful ballet, to contemplate the blue-mauve sprigs swaying in the breeze, to be intoxicated by their powerful perfume, and to capture this magical moment in our memory (or with a photo or video!). So let us take you on a tour of all of our favourite spots, where you can enjoy a moment of tranquillity surrounded by the blue gold of Provence.

The Sénanque Abbey

Lavender and heritage

The violet shades of the field in front of the abbey (perhaps a nod to the liturgical clothes of the bishops? 😊) enhance the thousand-year-old stone and give the place a unique charm and atmosphere that sets it apart from similar destinations. Be sure to take the time to visit the Cistercian abbey for an immersive experience with the histopad, which uses augmented reality to take you on a journey through time. And before you leave, why not stock up on some of the lavender tea sold at the shop 😊

Senanque Abbey Luberon


This field, below and to the left of the road (coming from Sault) with it’s lovely view of the village, is probably the most famous in Vaucluse! It continues to inspire photographers and painters, who can often be found there, easels set up at the edge of the field, in the shade of the trees, attempting to immortalise this timeless Provence.
As you leave the village and head towards Montbrun-les-Bains, another field will catch your eye. On the right hand side of the road, the lavender leans towards the brooms and the landscape is enhanced by a great tree (to discover its spirit, you’ll have to come and see it😉), that stands over the mauve sprigs like a shepherd watching over his flock.

Lavender Aurel


The lavender fields are delicate ecosystems and the fruits of the farmers’ labours, therefore we ask you not to enter the fields or pick the sprigs of lavender (you can find fresh or dry boutiques in the markets, distilleries, or in the village shops).

Aurel village and lavender


Lavender and cliffs

Here, a blanket of lavender extends as far as the foot of the limestone cliffs (a climbing hotspot). The exceptional panoramic view takes on a magical atmosphere at dusk when the colours of the sunset combine with the shades of lavender. Take the opportunity to visit the pretty village, which has the charm of yesteryear.

le saviez-vous ?

Lavender or lavandin?

Lavandin, a lavender hybrid, grows at an altitude between 200 and 800 metres and reaches a height of 60 to 80 cm. True lavender grows at an altitude of 800 metres. It has only a single stem and reaches a height of 50 cm.

Lioux village in Provence

The Claparèdes Plateau

This unique spot is located between Bonnieux and Saignon. Here, the lavender takes on a somewhat wild appearance, and the stone bories that often stand at the centre of the fields add to the beauty of the place, which is an exceptional viewpoint between Mont Ventoux and the Luberon.

Claparèdes - Provence


South of Apt, take the D114 towards Sivergues



A charming field greets you at the entrance to the village, located just a few hundred metres away

Take a trip as far as the Rocher de Bellevue, whose panoramic view over the region lives up to it’s name, literally meaning “beautiful view”. How splendid!


From Apt, head towards Saignon on the D174

Saignon village

On the plateau between Valréas and Vinsobres

On the plateau between Valréas and Vinsobres


From Grillon, take the Combes road

The lavender of northern Vaucluse

In the Papal enclave, the violet shades of the sprigs mingle with the intense green of the vines and the stones of the huts that decorate the landscape. On the road from Valréas to Vinsobres, the lavender fields stretch as far as the eye can see!

The Pays de Sault

As soon as you arrive at the Sault plateau on the Gabelle road, you will see a viewpoint that stands to the right of the road, from which you can view the land of lavender, with Sault perched on its overhang like a lighthouse. The fields form a checkerboard pattern as the blue lavender meets the golden fields of spelt. Truly a feast for the eyes!

The Pays de Sault


Above Saint-Jean de Sault, on the way to Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt, a lovely viewpoint lets you admire the fields in a new light, and at Champ-Long or Brouville (which you will pass on your way), the fields have a backdrop of Ventoux.

viewpoint Sault

Lavender in Provence

The lavender fragrance wafts over the Pays de Sault at the foot of Mont Ventoux, the Pays d’Apt in the Luberon and the Valréas enclave.

Further suggestions

for your lavender adventure

Around Roussillon, Joucas, Goult… Everywhere you go you will be surrounded by lavender.
Near Oppède, the field, that can be seen from the Calavon cycle path, offers a lovely view of the Petit Luberon.
In Velleron, on the road that leads to Saint-Saturnin-lès-Avignon, there is a pretty field with views of Ventoux.
And of course, be sure to visit the distilleries or the lavender museum during your trip, and become an expert on the lavender of Provence!

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Did you know?

Vaucluse is the leading French department in the production of fine and clonal lavender (48% of national production)

Lavande au Ventoux