Top ice-cream makers for a sweet treat!

Fancy a proper homemade ice cream but don’t know where to find one? We’ve enjoyed putting together this little address book of artisanal ice-cream makers in Vaucluse. All of them endeavour to create original flavours full of creativity and boldness.

Zam Voyages Gourmands

Zam Voyages Gourmands
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Bubble tea with fruit-juice pearls!

A new ice-cream maker has set up shop in Sault, to the delight of all foodies! Inspired by their travels, this ice-cream maker has created new gourmet flavours!

ZAM offers new ice creams, featuring flavours that have been carefully selected as a result of almost 2 years of research across different countries.
A great example of this are the Italian ice creams, with classic flavours but also (rarely) sorbets: peach, lemon, mandarin…
Also available are gourmet sundaes featuring fruit-juice pearls, which are loved by all those who try them.
Or even snow cones (Japan) or frozen yoghurt
The ice-cream menu changes throughout the season

L’Art Glacier in Ansouis

At the foot of the Grand Luberon and at the exit of the charming village of Ansouis, this father-and-son ice cream shop has been open for over 40 years.

And it is not chance, nor the superb view of the valley, that pushes us average people to climb the hill to reach the shop, rather our love of good food.
And there are many lovers of good food here! In peak season, we slip between the tables and the terrace packed with people. The eager diners are served by waiters carrying enormous and colourful sundaes, decorated with sugar flowers or nougat. Their eyes sparkle!

Between 60 and 80 flavours are on offer according to the season, each handmade in the lab by Oliver, the son: Lavender, thyme, rosemary, sage, melon, violet, kalamansi (a small and very fragrant citrus fruit), chilli, Sichuan pepper, gingerbread, nougat, … and even lily of the valley in season!

We’d definitely recommend the Perrière family, their ice cream is truly a work of art.

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Expert advice

It is difficult to choose between the different flavours of ice cream and the 25 to 30 sundaes on the menu! So the solution that I’ve found is: “The flying saucer”. This dish contains 18 flavours served with chantilly cream and fresh fruit!

Art Glacier à Ansouis

“La Princière” in Avignon

La Princière glacier à Avignon
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Expert advice

Every month, Myriam releases a mystery ice cream. In April, it was an ice cream with white asparagus from a small producer in St Didier, in May it was black truffle from Mazan, in June; chickpea, honey and eucalyptus. It’s up to you to find the mystery ice cream of the Avignon Festival.

The small shop in the Place des Corps Saints doesn’t look like much and would pass almost unnoticed if it weren’t for the big sign shaped like an ice-cream cone that makes it easy to spot amid the bistros and terraces of this lively square.

Myriam was properly trained in Italy at the Carpigiani Ice cream University (yes it does exist!). She says the key to her success is “being different from others”. And she is not lacking in inventiveness. Tonka bean, saffron and goji berry, grilled peanut, rhubarb, apple… her homemade ice creams offer a choice of 18 original flavours that are constantly available, gluten-free, egg-free and all with very little sugar.

Isabella at Isle sur la Sorgue

The famous house has changed owners but the ice-cream flavours are still as varied and the dishes are impressive! Just the appearance alone is a feast for the eyes, a spectacle even! We have to hurry to get there though, as the queue is sometimes long and the terrace seats are expensive.
When you manage to grab a table on the terrace by the river, even if you are so close you can almost taste the ice cream of your neighbour, you are in paradise! You’ll have to be patient in the height of summer, but the wait is definitely worth it. The range of flavours is extensive and the dishes that mix ice cream with fresh fruit are certainly not lacking in originality..

Expert advice: no need for dessert – one of these ice creams is enough to be a main course!

Info pratique


3, Esplanade Robert Vasse à L’Isle sur la Sorgue
T. 04 90 20 85 42

Sÿba plant-based ice cream

A source of happiness, a nod to dolce vita, such is the philosophy of this artisanal ice-cream company, for whom plants are a major source of inspiration.

Sÿba has developed a plant-based formula by replacing all additives with vegetable fibres and proteins. The ice-creams are made with homemade plant milk and natural products such as almonds, hazelnuts, oats, buckwheat or hemp.
The sorbets are made with fruit harvested less than 30 km from the workshop!

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Did you know?

Sÿba ice creams are 100% plant-based, without any additives or sweeteners. A first in France!

Glaces Sÿba