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The exhibitions of the summer

Contemporary art in the spotlight

We all want to be enriched by the inspired work of artists who offer an invitation to get away from it all and daydream. Here is our selection of unmissable exhibitions. What’s more, some are organised in settings that are worth the detour. Follow the guide!

“Light and Movement” at La Villa Datris

Art between the walls and in the gardens

10 years after its flagship exhibition “Movement and Light”, the Villa Datris foundation, dedicated to modern art, returns with this theme through an illuminated and hypnotic exhibition. A few years have passed, but the passion is still there. This second opus, presented by around sixty international artists is enriched this year by the techniques and concerns of a new, very inspired generation.
Welcome to a participative journey at the heart of optical and kinetic art!

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Many guided tours are scheduled throughout the summer for all visitors

Exhibition Villa Datris

Palazzo, by Eva Jospin, at the Popes’ Palace

Palazzo, by Eva Jospin, at the Popes’ Palace
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From the 30th of June to the 7th of January 2024 at the Popes’ Palace
The exhibition is included in the ticket to the Popes’ Palace.

For its annual Great Exhibition, the Popes’ Palace offers a dreamlike discovery of the works of plastic artist Eva Jospin, which take up several rooms of the largest Gothic palace in the world from the 30th of June to the 7th of January 2024.

“My life at your feet”. Raymond Massaro, at the Angladon museum

The Angladon museum presents a large exhibition dedicated to the creations of Raymond Massaro, a famous Parisian bootmaker of Italian origin.

In collaboration with Laurence Massaro, the daughter of the artisan, the exhibition highlights around one hundred pieces, prototypes and models of emblematic shoes. There are sketches, drawings and sculpted wooden forms to be discovered, as well as refined creations, such as lace or pearl embroidered jewellery shoes, in addition to extravagant models, including a remarkable black varnished pump.
The exhibition also highlights Raymond Massaro’s collaborations with personalities such as Marlene Dietrich, Romy Schneider and great fashion designers such as Grès, Chanel and Lagerfeld. Among his most famous creations are the elastic ballet shoe invented in 1955 for Madame Grès, and the famous two-tone sandal created in 1958 for Coco Chanel. The exhibition entitled “My life at your feet” thus explores the career of Raymond Massaro and his dedication to his profession and passion. The elegance of his talent and his collaboration with the world of haute couture echo the personality of Jacques Doucet, a fashion designer and collector whose collections make up the core of the Angladon museum.
From Friday the 2nd of June to Sunday the 8th of October 2023.

“My life at your feet”. Raymond Massaro, at the Angladon museum

“Transparencies” at the Musée du Cartonnage in Valréas

Works of art between shadow and light, discretion and flamboyance!

You may not know it, but for over a century Valréas, at the heart of the Enclave des Papes, was the European capital of cardboard (the manufacture of packaging). From this golden age a factory still remains today, MMP Packetis Valréas, and the Cardboard and Printing Museum. A place with an industrial history of this recyclable and biodegradable material, within which an attractive showroom has been created for artists who regard paper and cardboard as a noble material for their creations (which for 31 years have sometimes left us speechless), the purpose of our visit being to discover the 2023 exhibition, entitled “Transparencies”.

Until 30 September 2022

Exhibition at the Musée du Cartonnage in Valréas