Concerto Soave - Petrarch both ancient and modern styles

Thursday 30 May 2024 at 8 pm.


Event in Avignon :

As part of the celebration of the 750th anniversary of the death of Petrarch, a selection of the most beautiful musical compositions created for poems by Petrarch, the Canzoniere, is performed by the Concerto Soave.
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With works by Verdelot, Arcadelt, Palestrina, Layolle, Flecha, Guaches de Ponto, Marenzio, Sigismondo d’India, Marco da Gagliano, Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger, Jacopo Peri, Giulio Caccini.

Musical compositions setting Petrarch's poetry to music abounded in the 16th century, true jewels of polyphonic style. There are however, marvelous illustrations of the 'modern style' which came into being in Florence in the early 17th century. All these musical works enhance the depth and emotion of the poetry by Petrarch, the founder of the modern Italian language.

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Dates and times

Thursday 30 May 2024 at 8 pm.

Languages spoken

  • French


Conservatoire du Grand Avignon - Amphithéâtre Mozart
1-3 rue du Général Leclerc
84000 Avignon
Tel : View number +33(0)4 90 14 26 40
Website : http://www.operagrandavignon.fr/


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