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A day with your significant other in Avignon

Romantic getaway in Avignon

Avignon – well-known for its celebrated Popes’ Palace, but also for its (no less famous) Pont d’Avignon! Today, Avignon is the perfect destination for couples – a city best discovered hand in hand!


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Strolling in the old town

Get up first thing in the morning to make the most of Avignon’s lovely narrow streets while it’s early. The Papal city is still quiet and you can take your time to soak up the atmosphere before it wakes up…
Only the sound of your steps can be heard in the cobbled Rue des Teinturiers – one of the most romantic parts of Avignon. Stroll along the cobblestone street and see the waterwheels that bear testament to the city’s industrial past. Your adventure continues on the Rue de la République: at the heart of the Avignon shopping scene. You won’t be able to resist doing a bit of window shopping and you’ll especially linger in front of all the designer boutiques in the narrow, more intimate streets nearby!

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During the Avignon Festival, Rue des Teinturiers becomes a key location.
Enjoy a coffee while you wait to see the street come to life with comedians and theatre performances.

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Stroll in the historic centre of Avignon

An afternoon with your other half

What says romantic moment more than a relaxing break in a beautiful restaurant?
We recommend Le Violette, found in the enchanting setting of the Hôtel de Caumont… The dishes’ delicate flavours certainly live up to the location!

After this gourmet experience, it’s time for some sightseeing. Go and explore Collection Lambert, situated at the heart of Hôtel de Caumont.
The artwork here is displayed particularly well and you won’t notice the time fly during your visit!

To continue on your cultural adventure, you cannot come to Avignon without visiting the iconic Popes’ Palace. This incredible building is so big that there’s something new to discover every time you visit…

And of course, some dancing on the Pont d’Avignon according to the famous French song is certainly a must!

Abbaye St André ©Planque
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Already been to the Popes’ Palace?
Head to Saint-André Abbey for a moment of reflection and tranquility in the gardens.

Collection Lambert - Avignon ©Planque

To end this romantic day

For an extra special evening, we recommend watching the sunset from Doms Garden. It is a once in a lifetime experience to be had with your other half!

Afterwards, have a drink at Péniche Vinotage – well-known among lovers of good wines. Soothed by the murmur of the Rhône, this place is great for a gentle, romantic atmosphere!

By now tiredness will be setting in after a busy day, so head to Auberge de Cassagne & Spa, a splendid establishment at the entrance to Avignon, for the night.
After a light dinner, happily plunge into one of the private jacuzzis and book a couple’s massage for the next day. The perfect way to finish the day properly!

Ferris wheel in Avignon ©Hocquel
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A magic moment…

During the summer, a giant Ferris wheel can be found on the banks of the Rhône!
A lovely moment to share together and admire stunning views of Avignon…

Doms Garden ©Planque

Events in Avignon

Festival Résonance -

Festival Résonance –


From Thursday 18 to Sunday 21 July 2024.