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Parc Spirou

A comic book world of fun!

Here, at this unique theme park in Vaucluse, you can mingle with comic book heros, and hurtle down hills while shrieking in delight! The park’s famous mascot, Spirou, and all his friends are waiting for you at Spirou Theme Park.


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A gentle welcome

Go and greet Marsupilamis and his family the French way – with kisses!

In the world of comic books, magic becomes reality

Parc Spirou in Monteux ©ABRY H

Did you know?

You can find Dupuis editions in comic book format for sale in the on-site bookshop – it’s a chance to rediscover the heroes of the stories!

The magic begins after the tills as soon as you step foot in the park.

Everywhere you look, the skilfully painted, colourful scenery invites you on a journey – an expedition outside of time where you will meet the heroes of your childhood and some frightening yet fascinating creatures – awoken at Mesozoïk Island…

The adventure film music playing in the background and life-size statues of legendary characters add to the atmosphere.

One-of-a-kind attractions: unique across France and Europe

Eviv Bulgroz – the TERROR of the park.
On this ride – the only one of its kind in France – you will simply be launched into the air at 110 km per hour (that’s 68 mph) at the end of a reinforced metal arm with 4G acceleration (your stomach will be upside down), and your feet dangling in space… insane!

The Zombillenium Tower establishes itself as the most serious competitor of this new ride.
And yes, it involves 90 metres of free fall. Um… it’s not so funny anymore!

Le nid des Marsupilamis‘ (the Marsupilamis nest)
This vertical rollercoaster (yes, you read that correctly – vertical!!) remains a world exclusive ride because of the secrets behind its shape, size, and the length of the rollercoaster.
We’ll be honest – you’ll be more than a little bit thrown around!

Parc Spirou in Monteux ©PLANQUE M

Not to be missed

Other rollercoasters include ‘Wanted Dalton’, ‘Boule et Bill déboulent’, ‘En avant Seccotine’, ‘le Spirou Racing’ etc.
There’s something for everyone!

Parc Spirou in Monteux ©PLANQUE M

Augmented reality: an immersive experience

Marsu Aventures, immersive 6D adventure at Parc Spirou in Monteux
Coup de coeur


The ingenuity of the attractions allows adults to accompany their little ones on all the rides that they are tall enough for.

There’s no shortage of new experiences thanks to augmented reality.

For example – the Houba tower. Like its twin Houbi, Houba is a ride that involves an ascent upwards combining real physical sensations with virtual images. You climb the height of a giant palm tree some 10 metres into the air and find yourself immersed in the Palombian Jungle thanks to your 3D glasses. Impressive!
And there’s more – the sensation of a free fall (although very controlled) is incredible.

A giant screen, movements synchronised with the projection – Parc Spirou offers 3 digital simulators including ‘Marsu Aventures’: particularly dynamic through its immersive 6D adventure.

Moments to share

Parents can accompany their little ones on rides for moments spent together.


  • A colourful park with a comic book themed atmosphere
  • Attractions for all ages
  • Excellent digital simulators
  • Friendly staff ready to give out hugs!

New arrivals in 2021

Lucky Town and Splash Piranha

Travel to the Wild West and stroll through the streets of Lucky Town, an interactive western village.

For a barrel of laughs (and a chance to cool down), head to Splash Piranha! Seated in a spinning water lily, the goal of the game is get the other people on the ride as wet as possible … The perfect way to reawaken our inner child!
To be truly immersed in the Palombian forest, you can now follow a path through the Marsu Jungle.


Practical information

Parc Spirou Provence
1 rue Jean-Henri Fabre
84170 Monteux

Adult: 35 € (+ 1,40 m)
Child: 29 € (less than 1,40 m).

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