Enjoy a family day out at the immersive Parc Spirou

Explore this colourful world, just outside Avignon

In this one-of-a-kind theme park located in Vaucluse, you can say hello to comic book heroes as well as hurtling down roller coaster drops, shrieking with exhilaration.
The park’s famous mascot, Spirou and his friends are waiting for you at the Spirou Provence theme park.


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In the world of comic books, magic becomes reality


Did you know?

You can find Dupuis comics in the on-site bookshop, Groom BD – rediscover the heroes as they embark on their adventures !

Beyond the entry gates, the magic awaits

Everywhere you look there is skillfully painted, brightly coloured scenery that immerses you in the world of comics, where you can meet the heroes of your childhood and say hello to new characters, who are just as endearing.

Background music from adventure films and life-size statues of legendary characters add to the atmosphere.

Spirou theme park has something for everyone !

Fantasio Rodéo: climb aboard the Turbotraction, Spirou’s famous car, for a whirlwind rodeo. The Houbi and Houba towers offer you a 360° view over Parc Spirou. You ascend the 10-metre-tall palm tree and find yourself immersed in the heart of the nearby Palombian jungle, before experiencing the rush of the (albeit very controlled) drop.

3 digital simulators await to immerse you in the different worlds of Dupuis comics: « Marsu Aventures », which retraces the chaotic journey of the Marsu babies in the city, « Gaffe à Gaston », which leads those who dare to enter, through the corridors of the Journal de Spirou editorial office and finally, « Supergroom et les Dinozorgs », where you must prevent Zorglub from changing the course of history – three thrilling adventures to add to the family bucket list !

Parc Spirou also has plenty of water rides, including Lucky River, Splash Piranha and their latest, the Aqua Slime Project. Much needed in the summer, these rides will help keep both kids and adults entertained, whilst not overheating !

There’s no shortage of entertainment for older children either, between:

Le nid des Marsupilamis (the Marsupilamis nest): this vertical roller coaster (yes, you heard correctly, vertical) remains the first of its kind in the world due to the secrets behind its shape, height and length.
During Eviv Bulgroz, riders are swung through the air at a thrilling 110km/h by a 30 metre long metal arm, with their feet suspended.

You’ll need nerves of steel to face the Zombillenium Tower, promising a staggering 90m free fall at 140km/h – this one’s for the thrill seekers.
The latest new addition to the park is the Blorks Attack: join the heroes of the popular comic book, Kid Paddle, aboard a giant saucer that rotates 360° on itself as you travel back and forth along the undulating track. Brace yourself, as you whirl through the air on this giant saucer-shaped platform.

One ride themed around Rantanplan, the silliest and friendliest dog in the West and another based on the famous little blue people who inhabit the mushroom village: the Smurfs. Curious ?,You’ll have to go yourself !


Year-round events

Coup de coeur

A dynamic theme park

Friendly team members are always there to give you a warm welcome at Parc Spirou, which has added new attractions almost every year to its already impressive array, since its opening in 2018. This theme park pulls out all the stops to offer you the best immersive experience in the world of Spirou.

Exciting events

As well as the huge variety of attractions on offer, Parc Spirou also hosts fantastic seasonal events, such as the Festival Spirou. At this comics festival, dedicated to the heroes of Dupuis editions, you’ll have the chance to meet the authors, as well as taking on comic book-themed challenges. Book signings are also held throughout the year, allowing you to engage with the creators of your favourite comic books.

During summer, the evenings make for the best time to visit the park, with the star attraction being Halloween at the end of the season; you’ll experience terror and thrills as the park is decked with halloween decorations.

Visitor information

April to the start of November
Days and times very according to the season
Consult the calendar


Prices (differ according to height)
1.40m+: 36 €
1m – 1.40m: 30 €
Under 1m tall: free
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Parc Spirou Provence
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Welcome to Parc Spirou

Dive into a world of colorful thrills

Everything is themed: rides, restaurants and shops

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The Zombillenium Tower

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The Restaurants

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The park offers two restaurants, snacks and picnic tables

The Ride

Blorks Attack

The latest addition to the park

The Shops

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There are 5 shops, each themed around different comic book worlds

The Rides

Marsu Palombia

Fly through the air in the giant flowers of the Palombie