L’Odyssée sonore, a multi-sensory journey © Hocquel

L’Odyssée sonore, a multi-sensory journey

Among all the events and tours offered by the Roman Theatre in Orange, there is one that takes place just as night falls on the ancient theatre. Set off for a multi-sensory journey with the promise of an innovative experience offering everyone their own Odyssey. Let’s go!


1 hour


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The Roman Theatre of Orange, a setting for sonic innovation

Everything begins with the high-definition headsets handed out at the entrance, which envelop our ears.

The headset, we are told, geolocates us within the Theatre and synchronises in real time with the projected images for a unique immersive experience.
The show will vary depending on whether we are in the pit, on the stage (yes, we will be able to tread the legendary boards!) or on the terraces.
We can’t wait!

le saviez-vous ?

Did you know?

L’Odyssée sonore (sound odyssey) is a distillation of technology: binaural sound, video mapping created by artificial intelligence and GPS built into the high-tech headset. The ambition of EDEIS is to make Orange the capital of sonic innovation.

L'Odyssée sonore, a multi-sensory journey

An innovative audiovisual opera in four acts

The kinship with theatre and opera shines through

This Odyssey consists of a prelude and four acts:
– the birth of sound and image with “Chaos and the clash of the Titans”,
– divinities with “Instruments of the world”,
– the divinities amuse themselves with “Voices, choirs and instrumental dialogues”,
– creatures and their adventures in “Virtuoso musicians and performers”,
– the birth of the muses, symbolising “Harmony and inspiration, great orchestration”.

A series of legends are brought to life in turn and the Roman theatre becomes a Pantheon of the Greek and Roman gods.

L'oyssee sonore, An innovative audiovisual opera in four acts

A feast for the eyes and ears!

L'Odyssée sonore, a multi-sensory journey
Conseil d'expert

Our top tips

Walk around during the performance. Not only your perspective will be changed – you will be changed too

An eclectic musical soundtrack underpins the gigantic images, sometimes multicoloured, sometimes dichromatic, that adorn the theatre, from the backstage wall to the terraces and even the ground, moving from flute to electric guitar and pop sounds to electronic music. We adore the blend of genres, breaking down musical barriers to carry a universal humanist message!

As we look around us, another spectacle presents itself to our eyes. We see that everyone is experiencing the adventure at their own pace: those of a meditative disposition immerse themselves enthusiastically in each sequence as if hypnotised by the shapes and colours; more active types sketch out dance steps (and we wonder what they’re listening to), the curious zip from place to place, seeking out new experiences… We briefly meet, sometimes brushing against each other, and smile, remaining silent. We experience the moment alone, yet all together.

Show teaser

Discover the immersive, spectacular new show at the Roman Theatre in Orange: a journey through the sonic and musical wealth of our world in search of mythology.

Practical information


Getting there:
By bike:
Along the Via Rhôna (2 hr 20 min from Avignon)

By train:
– Orange station (approx. 15 min walk from the Roman Theatre)
– Avignon station (45 min from Orange)
>> View route

By car:
– A7 motorway
exit 21 “Orange centre”
exit 22 “Orange sud”
– A9 motorway
exit 21 “Orange centre”


Tourist office car park / Cour Aristide-Briand
Pourtoules car park / Cour Pourtoules
Roman Theatre car park / Cours Pourtoules: spaces can be booked in advance at this car park for €10 (6 pm to 2 am)
Sully car park / Avenue Guillaume le Taciturne – Free
1er Rec car park / Rue des blanchisseurs
Salle Alphonse Daudet car park / exit Orange centre – Free


Price: €22