Along the Calavon river by bike © Colombe Prod

Along the Calavon river by bike

an adventure for the whole family

Looking for an outing that is suitable for the little ones and their parents, young and old alike? A colourful route exploring the Luberon’s stunning spring landscapes?
Cycle the véloroute (designated cycle route) along the Calavon: a relaxed bike ride guaranteed for all.


1 day



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The Luberon by bike: simply beautiful…

Along the famous Calavon ‘voie verte’ (greenway), the spring landscapes show their colours – green countryside, flowering shrubs, poppy fields… And in the summer, a real Provençal treat – the route is lined with purple lavender fields!

A relaxing bike ride for all ages

Relaxing bike ride for all ages - ©ABRY H


Don’t forget: bikes (and make sure tyres are pumped up), helmets, first-aid kit, bike repair kit, flasks filled up with water, and plenty of suncream on sunny days.
Don’t have your own bikes? There are a number of bike rental companies located nearby.

Bikes adjusted, helmets fastened, and rucksacks filled with food… everyone can safely cycle at their own pace.

Happiness is gently pedalling along, far from noisy traffic: it’s a way to get some exercise and some rest all at once! While little ones race ahead, parents can chatter away without a care!

Did you know?

A ‘véloroute’ is more than just a bike path: it is a route away from the main roads – only to be used by cyclists, pedestrians, those with reduced mobility, and people rollerskating. Safety guaranteed!

Foodie break at Apt Market

As you approach Apt, head in the direction of the town centre.
Make the most of the market and pick up delicious produce – ideal for a picnic. Characterised by its truly Provençal atmosphere, Apt and its market are not to be missed: you will find stalls bursting with colourful tomatoes and courgettes and fragrant cheeses and local spices. The passionate farmers will tempt you with their freshly picked asparagus, juicy strawberries, and patiently cured meats.

Everyone can choose what they like, depending on what takes their fancy… On the menu: 2 Banon cheeses, a generous punnet of juicy strawberries, and some slices of Ventoux ham.

Foodie break at Apt Market - ©VALIZ STORIZ
Coup de coeur

A firm favourite

Apt Market takes place every Saturday from 8am to 1pm.
It is a colourful, fragrant festival boasting a variety of local produce.

Foodie break at Apt Market - ©VALIZ STORIZ

Take a break and picnic at the water’s edge

Weighed down with your tasty market purchases, hop on your bikes and cycle along the green waterfront of Riaille Lake – the perfect spot to enjoy a rustic picnic.

In the refreshing shade of a majestic willow tree, tuck into your recent market finds. The children won’t want to sit down for long – instead they’ll be off making the most of the space to play: running on the grass, mimicking the fishermen, and laughing together while the parents enjoy some peace and quiet by the lakeside.

Worth a visit

Carry on further down the ‘voie verte’, and you’ll find Apt Lake and a 10 hectare space providing activities and a place for relaxation, picnic areas, and a small sports course complete with fitness equipment.

Picnic at the water's edge - ©ABRY H

From vegetable to mineral

As you enter the gorges, discover a new landscape – a mineral universe that runs alongside rocky walls. This brief stretch offers a remarkably different point of view on the surrounding countryside: level with the roots, the underground ochre variations interspersing with the grey stone…. a taste of more brilliant landscapes to come.

At Pont Julien: venture into Antiquity!

As you approach the Pont Julien, cycle slowly over the bridge to reflect on the 2,000 years of history beneath you. The stone bridge spans the Calavon river with its 3 sturdy and slender arches.

To admire the bridge from all angles, cross it and then head down to the edge of the Calavon. Here, toddlers will be off before you know it – barefoot, they will clamber from stone to stone in order to cross the river. Finish off your day with a well-deserved snack, and you’ll already be on to planning your next nature trail for discovering the varied landscapes of Provence.


Did you know?

The Pont Julien dates from 3 BC. It replaced an older bridge whose traces are still visible near the columns.



  • A safe route for the whole family
  • Apt Market: not to be missed
  • Colourful and varied landscapes
  • Pont Julien – see a Roman monument along the way