A summer’s day on Mont Ventoux © ODD-Bird

A summer’s day on Mont Ventoux

A range of outdoor activities

In the summer, when temperatures start to climb, Mont Ventoux, and in particular Mont Serein, is the place to go and clear your mind. Here, you can breathe in the fresh mountain air and enjoy the many outdoor activities on offer.


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The Ventoux

Fresh mountain air less than an hour away

Visible in the distance on the Vaucluse horizon, the Ventoux is the perfect place to make the most of the great outdoors.

Did you know? The Ventoux is located just 1 hour from Avignon

A day out in the heart of nature

Beaumont du Ventoux ©HOCQUEL A

Did you know?

The summit of Mont Ventoux lies at 1909 metres, while Mont Serein on the northern slope reaches an altitude of 1400 metres.

As you climb higher, the fresh air will awaken your thirst for exploring this part of nature.

The Ventoux is a UNESCO classified biosphere reserve, and you can certainly see why when you arrive at Mont Serein – a stop on the northern slope of the ‘Giant of Provence’.
Here, there is a gravel area surrounded by huge green spaces (which will make you really want to get out for a walk!).

And if the wind picks up? Take the kites out! Try teaching the little ones to make them flutter like wings.


A summer’s day on Mont Ventoux

A huge range of activities are on offer to suit the whole family: hiking, treetop adventure trails, Dévalkarting… Great memories and plenty of laughs guaranteed!

Countless activities

After a country-style picnic, the children will start to get distracted by the various activities in sight. The ‘air park’ is an inflatable play area which will certainly grab the attention of your toddlers.
And all is well, because it’s time to let your food go down… for them through acrobatics courses, and for the grown-ups, a nice rest sitting on the grass!

Bouncing castle

Practical Information

There are 4 ticket options that offer reduced prices on a combination of several activities during the day.

Summer activities at the top of Mont Ventoux ©Vallentin J.

Tubbing: sliding down in a rubber ring

Among the wide variety of activities on offer is the chance to slide down an 80 metre long track in a rubber ring!

For the older ones – trampolining

With bungee cords keeping you safe, you can jump up to 9 metres high! It’s an incredible feeling!


Whizz downhill at top speed!

Treetop tightropes

Accrobranche ©STORM T

Brand new

It is now possible for an adult to supervise their little ones on the trail

Now the children are warmed up (and the parents have had time to relax), head towards the treetop adventure course

As you move through the trees, your sense of balance (and your tolerance of heights!) will be put to the test thanks to 15 obstacle courses – it’s best to keep steady!
Move between wooden logs, wobbly planks and other wires to walk on, and don’t forget to concentrate as much as possible so you don’t trip. Thankfully, a harness and safety line are with you the whole way to ensure you are completely safe!
And to bring this treetop adventure to a close? A zip wire of course!

Go for a walk with a pony

As you adjust to being back on solid ground, embark on a walk accompanied by ponies.

After chance to stroke the ponies and get to know these new friends a little better, the children will climb on their backs and parents are tasked with leading the ponies down the path. Taking small steps, Dad is tempted to lead the pony into a gallop – it’ll make the little ones shriek with laughter!

Good to know

For the rest of the year, the ponies can be found in the ‘Crinières du Mont Ventoux’ equestrian centre and can be taken for walks around Beaumont du Ventoux (booking required)

Poneys ©Pixabay

Spend a night camping at Mont Serein

Make this magical day last longer by sleeping on the mountain!

With cabins and pods, camping on Mont Serein is a great place to spend a night embarking on an adventure in this little corner of paradise. Families can opt for a cosy chalet that boasts a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

Camping at Mont Serein

3 panoramic chalets can welcome up to 5 people.


  • A breath of fresh air on hot summer days
  • An extensive range of activities for all ages
  • Beautiful hikes through the landscape and the chance to walk with ponies
  • Prolong your stay at beautiful Mont Serein by camping out on the mountain