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Under the shade of the pine trees, take off to discover the terraced fields enclosed by drystone walls, and continue your walk through beautiful countryside planted with vineyards and cherry orchards.
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Starting point: Velleron – Pichichi bridge parking lot
5 km north of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue on the D938 road, take the Pichichi road to the right (marked Randonnée pédestre) to Velleron. From the parking lot, go the Pichichi bridge. Do not cross the bridge. Follow the canal on the right to the Arrayiès bridge. Cross the canal and continue straight on a wide forest trail. The path, which is cobblestone in places, crosses through a pine woods. Before getting to the top, a sign on the left points out restored terraced fields. Go around the Rouxel ruins and continue on through vineyards and cherry trees, then go along a fence. Turn to the left on flat land between vines and orchards. Go into a woods, remaining on the main trail which continues after two hairpin turns. Once you’ve gone down, go along a vineyard on the left, then take the road on the left which goes through the Pumen valley, full of vineyards. After 1 km, you come to a crossroads near the Foncevérane estate. Take the road to the left, which is flat at first then climbs up to a small pass. Go down amidst the oak trees. Go past the Pernes Moto-club circuit and go along the Guilhaud valley, getting to the Carpentras canal at Barrades. Cross the bridge and take the path along the canal, to the left. Go by a first bridge, the bridges at Raffinade, Falèche, Endioussas and come to the Pichichi bridge, end of the walk.

Map: IGN Top 25 n° 3141 OT Carpentras
Topoguide Les Monts de Vaucluse… à pied, Éd. FFRP
Information: Velleron Town Hall Tel. 04 90 20 00 71

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Sentier pédestre - Le Tour de Piégros
84740 Velleron
Tel : View number 04 90 20 00 71
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Longitude : 5.030107
Latitude : 43.95396