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Colorful treasure in bloom and bead stripped out of season
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Exit the car park to the east and take the Marrenon covered road to the south.
80 m further ('' Barbe Blanche '' post), turn left onto the undergrowth path (follow the GRP® markings towards '' Sivergues ''). After a stony area, you get to an intersection.
1- Leave the GRP® down in front and turn twice to the left. Follow a dirt road to the north-east (not marked). Pass a bend and, at the first crossroads, turn left onto a path along the fields. A little further, continue to the right. You arrive on a track and take it to the left. Go 45 m further on the D232 and join the stop just to the right.
2- Leave on the path in the undergrowth to the right of the stop. Proceed to a crossroads and continue on the left. Walk along the lavender field and rush a few meters into the undergrowth Go left then continue right to reach the D114 Follow it for 350 m, then turn left on the Sivergues path (sign). Take this dirt road until you cross a road. Turn right and take this little road.
3- At the first crossing, turn right (GRP®) then 350 m further, in a bend (garbage container), continue in front on a dirt road and reach a crossroads of trails (post '' Le Colombier '', cross iron ).
4- Follow the path straight ahead (PR), pass between two fields of lavender and continue straight ahead. You arrived on a small parking ("Les Fondons” post). Go left, take the D48 for 30 m and continue on the dirt road opposite (not marked). At the first crossroads, go down opposite and come back on the D48. Take it straight ahead for 500 m.
5- At the end of the straight line, turn on the left road and 120 m further, turn right on a path undergrowth (GR® and GRP®). Follow this path to torment, pass a very stony section and come back on the road. Take it 20m to the right and sneak onto the path on the left Go under the hedge of trees and brambles, to return to point 4 (post "Le Colombier", iron cross).
4- Turn right and follow the path to go one way (GRP®), then follow the road also to the first point 3 (road crossing).
3- turn right and advance another 100 m. Turn left and follow the dirt road (GRP®). Pass along a field of lavender and continue straight into the undergrowth. Drive on the D232, cross it (caution!) And continue the path opposite. Always go straight, pass near a big borie and reach the D114 (GRP®).
6- At the "Vouliou" pole, turn right and take the D114 for 300 m (GRP®). At the "Plaine Lambertes" post, turn left and rush on the narrow and stony path undergrowth (GRP®). Reach a track and turn left to return to the starting car park.

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If you want to report a problem on your hike (marking, maintenance, danger...), let us know on Suricate: sentinels.sportsdenature.fr
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Respect the regulations preserving protected natural areas – find out about restrictions to accessing the massifs during fire risk periods, from 15 June to 15 September.
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