Hike around Mérindol's birdwatching hide

Tourist service in Mérindol :

Along the footpath you'll discover the wealth of biodiversity in this typically Mediterranean aquatic environment. Starting point: Parking area of the Garrigue forest, south of the village.
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The route crosses the Garrigue forest planted with Aleppo pines, shrub oaks, and cistus, leading to a dike along the Durance river that descends from the Alps.
Don't miss the ornithological hide, where you can watch the wild birds that live on the river. Remember to bring some binoculars.
The diverse habitats include reed beds, shingle beaches, mudflats, and riparian forests, where various species can be observed nesting around the Durance.
We recommend you be as quiet as possible so as not to disturb the wildlife that lives in this environment.

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Dates and times

All year round.

Duration: 2 h


Free access.


Hike around Mérindol's birdwatching hide
Parking la Garrigue
84360 Mérindol


Longitude : 5.208373
Latitude : 43.750799