B.A 115 Museum ORANGE

French nationals, wishing to visit the museum on a Tuesday, just need to present a form of identity to the air base’s security office. Foreigners must file a request a week before their visit, emailing musee.caritat@laposte.net with date and place of birth. Admission free.

The two main rooms provide information about key historic events from 1928 to present day: inter-war period, Second World War, the Cold War, the Algerian War etc. There is an area devoted to current conflicts and the various missions entrusted to an air base today.

Another room is devoted to a retrospective of the 1914-1918 Great War.

There is also a shop as well as information about the air force and two interactive zones.
The aeroplanes, at the entrance to the museum, complete an impressive exhibition.

Adress / Contact

Base Aérienne 115 Caritat
84100  Orange
contact by email


Longitude: 4.8444
Latitude: 44.143