Vine collection of Domaine Fontaine du Clos


Activity in Sarrians :

Come and enjoy the Provencal sun and deepen your knowledge of the vine by strolling through our collection of grape varieties. Self-guided visit using a brochure that can be downloaded from the domain's website.
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Winegrowers and nurserymen, we cultivate over forty grape varieties on the farm, 32 of which are displayed on a single plot, right in front of the sales area.
To allow you to access our vines more freely, we provide you with an introductory brochure on the different varieties (origin, typicity, ampelography, etc.). You can download it via our website, directly on your smartphone, but we also provide tablets with information if you wish. We then invite you to come and taste some of these varieties at the shop.

Free and self-guided visit. If you would like to use the tablet, we will lend it to you upon presentation of ID at the shop.
The visit is also available in English on the website (English version).

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Dates and times

All year round, daily.

Languages spoken

  • English
  • French


Free of charge.


Vine collection of Domaine Fontaine du Clos
735 Boulevard du Comté d'Orange
84260 Sarrians
Tel : View number 04 90 65 59 39
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Longitude : 4.962342
Latitude : 44.088197