Mont-Ventoux, Biosphere Reserve BéDOIN

Mouflon, boreal owls, Sardinian warblers and Greenland poppies are just some of the riches which flourish on a mountain, which is both organic with its vast fir and cedar forests and mineral with an altitude approaching 1,912 metres. This mythical protected mountain can be discovered by walking, cycling or mountain biking on any of its numerous paths. In winter you can discover the breathtaking views over the valley from the summit while skiing.

The aim of biosphere reserves is to reconcile protecting natural resources with developing human activities, while ensuring the region is managed harmoniously. There are 360 biosphere reserves spread over 90 countries. They are part of a programme of international scientific cooperation focused on sustainable development.Mont-Ventoux has been part of UNESCO's 'Man and the Biosphere' project since 1994. The summit and the Bedoin cedar forest of are part of the six zones, which make up the central zone of this protected area.

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301 avenue Barral des Baux
84410  Bédoin
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T. 04 90 65 60 08
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Longitude: 5.180495
Latitude: 44.12411