V08 Autour du Groseau




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Positive elevation gain

143 meters

Negative elevation gain

143 meters


Min. 330 meters

Max. 471 meters

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Departure / Arrival

Malaucène, Route du Ventoux (D 974) / Malaucène, Route du Ventoux (D 974)


Parking Route du Ventoux (D 974) au centre de Malaucène

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Tourist service in Malaucène :

From Malaucène, follow the Route du Ventoux (D 974) as far as Pont which you cross, then head to the left. Continue straight ahead as far as the Gros Noyer crossroads. Follow the D153 towards Beaumont for 450m, then take the Chemin de la Baume to the right. At the signpost with yellow arrows, follow the wide path to the right that goes in front of old lime kilns (left further down) then take cross a pass to go down towards the ruins of the Les Plâtrières factory and reach the source of the Groseau (picnic tables). Take the route du Ventoux to the right which goes in front of the Notre Dame du Groseau Romanesque Chapelle, reach Pont Vieux then the car park.
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Parking Route du Ventoux (D 974) au centre de Malaucène

To note

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Access to the massifs
Respect the regulations preserving protected natural areas – find out about restrictions to accessing the massifs during fire risk periods, from 15 June to 15 September.
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In brief

The tour of Brassetieux mountain enables you to discover various aspects of the Malaucène countryside where agriculture, industry, tourism and religious life all exist alongside one another.


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