V02 L'écluse du Paty








Positive elevation gain

630 meters

Negative elevation gain

630 meters


Min. 297 meters

Max. 698 meters

  • circuit
  • variante
  • liaison

Departure / Arrival

Malaucène / Malaucène - Cours des Isnards


Route du Ventoux, or Grozeau spring

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Pygal5005001000100000300030007000700011000110001500015000Distance (m)Altitude (m)


Livret de la randonnée du lac du Paty

Fiche technique de la randonnée du lac du Paty

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Tourist service in Malaucène :

From Malaucène, follow the Route du Ventoux (D 974) as far as the crossroads of the Ne De du Groseau chapel, and head right following the GR 91 which climbs up to the Piaud chapel via the old Stations of the cross route. Join the D974, cross and ride down towards the Combe Obscure then climb again to pick up the GRP to the right which will bring you up onto the ridges and join the D19. Cross and turn right to pick up Les 3 Termes. Follow the route to the left until the Le Paty Chapel where you turn off to the right to ride down towards Le Paty lake. The GRP goes back up towards a small road that you cross. Then follow the PR as far as Font Mourèle, La Font de Pertus, Saint Michel (section on the D938, be careful!) and Malaucène.
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public transportation

Closest train station : Carpentras.

Bus from Carpentras
Line 11 - Carpentras - Vaison la Romaine.
 Line K vers Malaucène
More information about the Bus network service "Transcove"

recommended parking

Route du Ventoux, or Grozeau spring

road access

At 18 km to the North of Carpentras, via the D938.

To note

  • Plan to have good walking shoes.

  • Sections via road, on the D938, on the way back. (7) and (1).

  • White and red signposting from (1) to (3)

  • Yellow and red signposting from (3) to (7)

  • Yellow signposting from (7) to (1).

  • Steep descents and paths obstructed by rocks.

If you want to report a problem on your hike (marking, maintenance, danger...), let us know on Suricate:
Access to the massifs
Respect the regulations preserving protected natural areas – find out about restrictions to accessing the massifs during fire risk periods, from 15 June to 15 September.
Before heading out, check the website

In brief

  • The Le Paty lock (esclausa), which recently became Le Paty lake, is a nice circuit that combines passages along high-up crests, and vast outlooks.
  • Le Paty means "public grazing".
  • Discovery of the "chapelles de pluie" (rain chapels) like Pi-Au or Saint-Sidoine, which bear witness to a past when pilgrims took painful risks to get to them to ask for rain.
  • Passes through undergrowth, among Austrian pines, box trees, and Aleppo pines.
  • Views of Le Barroux Castle, and Le Paty lake.


Fédération Française de Randonnée de Vaucluse
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