Mormoiron Sands Orienteering course


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Green, Blue, Red etc. These aren’t types of ski slopes but the different levels of orienteering courses that criss-cross the woods surrounding Mormoiron lake. Set off, with family or friends, and uncover the hidden signs using your orienteering map. A fun way of exploring this pine forest, typical of the south of France.
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The Green course is for beginners, lasts 30 minutes and has 7 signs.
The Blue course is for intermediate level, lasts 1.5 hours and has 10 signs. The Red course is for advanced level, lasts 2 hours and has 14 signs. Punch your card each time you find one of the numbered signs – hidden behind a tree or under a carpet of pine needles. It’s a treasure hunt of sorts, and one in which everyone’s happy to take part, while enjoying this beautiful, natural space. This activity is a new addition to those already on offer in les Salettes. In summer, the lake is very popular for swimming (car park and restaurant on site). Thrill seekers can enjoy the forest, tree-top adventure course, supervised on site by Ventoux Aventure. You can download your orientation card from the town hall internet site or collect it in person from Ventoux Aventure.

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Dates and times

All year round.

Languages spoken

  • French


Free access.


Mormoiron Sands Orienteering course
Plan d'eau des Salettes
84570 Mormoiron


Longitude : 5.194283
Latitude : 44.07044