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Hiking path - the Saint Gens Spring

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Saint Gens or the curious story of a hermit and pilgrimages. Hiking through the narrow, wild valleys adds to the sensation of mystery, as does the return via the miraculous spring and the crosses and oratories.
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Distance: 9 km – Altitude change: 355 m - Lasts: 3 h - Marking: yellow - white/red - yellow/redLeave from: Saint Gens Hermitage in Le BeaucetLeave from the Saint Gens hermitage.From the hermitage (at 370 m altitude), go up the road some 250 m and reach the Combe de la Fontaine (cross, oratory).Go up on the left on the dirt path to the Lou Planestèu intersection (421 m). Continue on the right and go down on the small Clapeyrouse road (which means “site strewn with stones”). At the farm, go on the trail to the left, which avoids a big curve, and reach the Carroufra intersection (means “the broken rock”).Take the small road on the right, below the Lauzes (‘place strewn with flat stones’) til the La Vachère farm. Start along, on the left, the path which becomes a trail, then turn right and go back up the Mayaud valley on the left. Reach the plateau, see the Jas-d'Esprit cross (631 m).Take the logging road to the right.At La Plaine (632 m; to the southwest, the La Pouraque farms, "asphodèle", unless this refers to a type of well, the posaraca or wheel wells'), go on the logging path on the right, and reach the Trois-Luisants intersection (661 m; means the "shiny rocks").Take the path on the right, which narrows then swings right, goes down, and crosses a pebbly scree, and reaches the Saint Gens spring and oratory.Behind the oratory a ridge path leads to a cross, with a good view, 20 min r-t.Continue going down and reach the Combe de la Fontaine.Go down the road to Saint Gens. Les Monts de Vaucluse à pied - Ed. FFRP 12,50 euros

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Hiking path - the Saint Gens Spring
chemin de l'ermitage
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