The Colorado Provençal RUSTREL

The beauty of the Colorado Provençal is the result of the combined efforts of man and nature!

Explore an enchanting world of colour and beauty created by both man and nature. Take a fun stroll along the narrow, marked trails, through public and also private property. Visitors are asked to respect the site and keep to the marked path. A detailed map is available, free of charge from the Mille Couleurs car park. During the 19th and 20th centuries, Rustrel was at the heart of the iron, and then ochre, industry. The landscape created by the ochre workers has become increasingly fragile since the quarries closed. We ask that you respect this wonderful historic site.

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Duration: 3h 0min


Practical information

Distance, difficulty, parking...

Distance : 5,80 km

Time : 180 min

Adress / Contact

84400  Rustrel
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T. 06 81 86 82 20
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Longitude: 5.499256
Latitude: 43.919906

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