Sentier vigneron d'Oppède-Le Vieux


Tourist service in Oppède :

Starting point: Lagnes – Town Hall parking lot Green arrows show the way to the fountain and the café on Bataillet square, which you cross to reach Pieï hill. Here, a sign helps you understand the scenery. Then, go down to the right to reach Groubelle valley and the aligned cypress trees. The path goes gently up to the terraces with green and white oak, viburnum, dogwood, Aleppo pine and cedar. Calamint, madderwort and Laburnum add a delightful note. Wild asparagus and sandalwood are signs of former terraced fields giving way to new vegetation. At the base of the cliff, where the path winds, pine takes over from the oak. Take time to study the viewing table at the Chante-Perdrix rocks, which looks out over Pieï hill and the Lagnes valley. The path then goes down through pubescent oak and back to the village. When you hit the paved road, see, on the left the Bouï Vieï well, a corbelled borie covered with stone shingles, characteristic of how water was stored for the crops. Map IGN Top 25 n° 3142 OT Cavaillon Information: Lagnes Town Hall Tel. 04 90 20 30 19 Fontaine-de-Vaucluse Tourism Office Tel.04 90 20 32 22
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All year round.


Free access.


Sentier vigneron d'Oppède-Le Vieux
84580 Oppède
Tel : View number 04 90 71 32 01
E-Mail : contact@destinationluberon.com
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Longitude : 5.17449
Latitude : 43.836313

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