Mourre de Cairas









Positive elevation gain

579 meters

Negative elevation gain

579 meters


Min. 210 meters

Max. 723 meters

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Departure / Arrival

Oppède le vieux - place de la croix / Oppède le vieux - place de la croix


Oppède le Vieux - place de la Croix

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Pygal50050010001000002000200050005000700070001000010000Distance (m)Altitude (m)


Tourist service in Oppède :

After Mourre Nègre on the Grand Luberon, here is Mourre of Cairas, at the peak of the Petit Luberon. Not less spectacular, on the contrary!
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From the Place de la Croix, go along the halls, keep walking and turn left on Rue de l'Ecole". Turn right and reach below the Chemin de la Fontaine (GR).). Take the road on the right.
1- At the crossroads'Poudarrigue'', leave the GR and continue left on Chemin de la Perrière. 800m further, when at the second house, take a right (RP). Reach a flat area, join the valley and continue to the left. Cross the collar of Ribas de Pire and down the slope,take a left.
2- At the track crossroads , turn right (RP), pass more then three homes and cross the collar of Grimouret. Down the steep path, continue right and quietly up the floor of the valley.
3- At the crossroads'Poudarique' ', turn right and climb the trail to Mourre de Flamarin (RP). After a curve to the left, go forward on the flat area and reach the paved forest path.
4- Turn right and proceed 400m, pass the hilltop of the Mourre de Cairas (733m) on the right and continue on the track for 1.5km.
5- At the crossroads'Bastidon Pradon' turn to the left in the undergrowth and reach the small refuge that is 150m away. Retrace your steps to point 5, cross the forest track and go straight to "l'épaule de la Jassine" (GR). Then switch to the slope, cross several curves and reach a little collar lower down. Continue on the left, pass below the Ribas de Brécugne (climbing school site) and reach the chemin de la Fontaine.
1- Go back Place de la Croix through the path used at the start (GR).

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public transportation

TER train station in Cavaillon
Zou bus line 18: Cavaillon - Apt (stop about 1km from the starting point)
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recommended parking

Oppède le Vieux - place de la Croix

To note

  • In the spring, flocks of animals are on the summits, beware of livestock dogs guarding them!

  • The paths are rocky: make sure you are wearing good footwear!

  • Think to take a hat and water with you. The route is exposed to the sun a lot. Avoid summer, and choose to do this hike in winter or spring, as it does not have much shade.

If you want to report a problem on your hike (marking, maintenance, danger...), let us know on Suricate: sentinels.sportsdenature.fr
Access to the massifs
Respect the regulations preserving protected natural areas – find out about restrictions to accessing the massifs during fire risk periods, from 15 June to 15 September.
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In brief

  • Discovery of Mourre du Caïras, the summit of Petit Luberon (726 m).
  • Hike over the summits via the Cuestas, and views of wonderful limestone cliffs.
  • Ambiance between the garrigue and oak groves


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