Hike - Gardens of yesteryear and of today

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The countryside in the heart of the city. The Avignon area is on a human scale and provides you with every opportunity to be close to nature. This itinerary proposes to discover the different parks and gardens.
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Private gardens were part of the construction of aristocratic homes at the time of the popes in Avignon in the 14th century. However it wasn't until the late 1600s and even the late 1700s, then again the early 20th century, that pubilc promenades and gardens were developed.

Today, nature is in the city above and beyond the parks and gardens. People's imaginations and support from the municipality have allowed for nature to develop at the foot of buildings, in flowerboxes and along fences.
See a great diversity of gardens, learn about their history and their botanical content, and get an interesting perspective on the city along the way. Follow this sort of green way, from garden to garden, observing the planting that is done on the squares, in the streets and in private gardens.

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Hike - Gardens of yesteryear and of today
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