A08 Les Blancas





Very easy





Positive elevation gain

12 meters

Negative elevation gain

12 meters


Min. 48 meters

Max. 52 meters

  • circuit
  • variante
  • liaison

Departure / Arrival

Avenue de l'Ancienne Gare car park / Avenue de l'Ancienne Gare car park


Avenue de l'Ancienne Gare car park

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Tourist service in Velleron :

Nature walk across the fields.
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Starting point: Car park on Avenue de l’Ancienne Gare. Walk under the bridge (D31), following “Avenue des Sorgues” towards “Canal du Moulin de Crillon”, 500 metres away.
At the petrol station roundabout, turn right onto “Chemin de la Garonne” and continue straight ahead for 300 metres. Turn right at the signpost marked “Sentier du Canal de Crillon”.
Follow the themed information panels along the “Sentier du Canal du Moulin de Crillon” for approx. 1 mile. Turn right onto the path, then stay on “Chemin de Castane” for 600 metres. Turn left onto the tarmacked road “Chemin de Blancas”, then head due south for 300 metres and take the first road on your left, “Chemin du Receveur”.
Follow “Chemin du Receveur” (not tarmacked). When you reach the equestrian centre, turn right onto “Chemin de Castane”. Head due south along this lane until you come to “Chemin de la Garonne” (tarmacked).
Turn left and follow the road for 1 mile to the petrol station roundabout. Turn left onto “Avenue des Sorgues” and follow it back to the farmers’ market car park (“Marché Agricole”).

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Avenue de l'Ancienne Gare car park

road access

Cavaillon route

To note

  • The circuit does not have much shade

  • Exposed to the wind

  • Perfect in spring or autumn

  • Family circuit on small roads

If you want to report a problem on your hike (marking, maintenance, danger...), let us know on Suricate:
Access to the massifs
Respect the regulations preserving protected natural areas – find out about restrictions to accessing the massifs during fire risk periods, from 15 June to 15 September.
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In brief

  • Circuit by the Crillon canal
  • Small countryside lanes


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