The Pont du Gard VERS-PONT-DU-GARD

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An exclusive monument, an exceptional museum and unique, unspoiled surroundings, extending over 165 hectares. Walk in the footsteps of the Romans, just 28 km from Avignon.

The bridge, which is built on three levels, is perfectly preserved, thanks to the miracle of Roman architecture. Standing some 49 metres above the river, surrounded by fragrant scrubland, this 2000 year old bridge is the tallest and oldest example of its kind. At the foot of the bridge flows the Gardon valley, a popular site for bathing and relaxing in summer. Music festivals, events, exhibitions, workshops etc. are held here throughout the year.

Whether you’re travelling on foot, by motorbike, bus or car, all roads lead to the Pont du Gard! Admission to site also includes access to the Viaduct and museum.The museum display, housed within the Centre d’Interpretation, with its models, sound effects and visuals teaches us about the history of one of the finest ancient monuments, in a fun and contemporary fashion. Here we learn about the importance of water, carried by the aqueduct to Nemausus (Nîmes) and the development of this city.The Pont du Gard is a UNESCO world heritage site and a “Grand Site de France.”

Children (from 7 upwards) will love the treasure hunt (and booklet provided). Allow approximately 2.5 hours. Access to Roman canal on third level (summer only). Ludo area and audioguide with 3D animation.

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400 route de Pont du Gard
La Bégude
30210  Vers-Pont-du-Gard
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T. 04 66 37 50 99
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Longitude: 4.535022
Latitude: 43.94761

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