Collection Louis Gauthier SAINTE-CéCILE-LES-VIGNES

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"Observe nature and you will learn", could have been Louis Gauthier's motto in his time. Here you can enter the world of this primary school teacher who was a passionate scholar of entomology and archaeology.

See his classroom, with the period furnishings (desks, lockers). Enter the atmosphere of the 1930's to the 1960's (inkwells, fountain pens ...) which will bring back souvenirs for many. Louis Gauthier took his pupils into nature and little by little the classroom was transformed into a veritable small museum. See 196 boxes of insects and 102 boxes of butterflies, 164 stuffed animals (fish, reptiles, birds, mammals..). A true treasure, fascinating entomology, and a passion for the natural sciences!
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