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The Bicycle Museum documents the development of the bike through the ages. 180 m2 of display space with around sixty fascinating exhibits for you to gaze upon fondly! This unique museum is housed within the Maison de Cheylus building that has had links with the Jewish community since the 14th century. Entry to museum is free.
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The main room documents the history of the bicycle and exhibits old bikes, such as an English bike from 1892, a Wonder tandem with a trailer from 1936, an 1880 tricycle, a 1930 Hirondelle as well as a collection of bikes ranging from the grand Bi to sleek touring bikes produced by leading bike manufacturers, 1960s bikes and the historic tandem made for the first paid holidays in 1936.
There are also racing bikes and children’s bikes. The oldest, an 1895 Fageot, was made in Lyon and has a roller chain and airless tires, called "bandage tires" in French. There’s also a 1930 Italian bike with the first derailleur, used in the 1938 Tour de France, a 1904 American bike, a 1907 Quincy and many other treasures.

There is an educational display devoted to the "petite reine" or “little queen” as it is known in France. Ideal for both bike enthusiasts and the plain curious!
Interesting fact : Paul de Vivie, a native of the region, also known as Vélocio (1853-1930) was an early promotor of bike touring, as well as an inventor, talented writer and poet! He contributed greatly to improving the French bicycle, working on detachable hubs, adjustable pedal cranks on all chain lines, the equiangular frame and especially gear change. He tested countless machines and researched “polymultiplication” with the Vélocio polycycle!

Fee charged for guided group visits. Contact us for prices.

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Dates and times

From 29/04 to 31/05/2024 between 2.30 pm and 6 pm.
Closed on Tuesday.

From 01/06 to 28/06/2024 between 3.30 pm and 7 pm.
Closed on Tuesday.

From 29/06 to 29/09/2024.
Closed on Tuesday.


Free of charge.


Bicycle Museum
Hôtel de Cheylus
23 place de la Juiverie
84210 Pernes-les-Fontaines
Tel : View number 04 90 61 31 04
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Longitude : 5.060877
Latitude : 43.99821

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