Baptistry of Venasque VENASQUE

This splendid baptistery is located in a village which is ranked as one of the 'Most Beautiful Villages in France'. Visitors are able to learn all about the baptistery that was once connected to the cathedral church via a corridor with a round vaulted ceiling. Notable for its Merovingian era size, this baptistery was used for immersive baptisms twice a year by the bishop.

The baptistery is in the shape of a Greek cross, with the central space surrounded by four semi-domed apses built into the thick walls. The floor shows traces of the ancient, original baptismal font, which was octagonal. The baptistery cannot be seen from the outside, for it has been encased in constructions from the 18th Century. The baptistery was listed among the first historical monuments, classified in 1840. It underwent renovations in the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries, and was restored in the 19th century by the Historical Monuments.
Self-guided tours of the baptistery with brochures available in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish.
Free entry for under 12's.

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Place du Presbytère
84210  Venasque
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T. 04 90 66 62 01
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Longitude: 5.145506
Latitude: 43.997097