Le Castrum, le Vieux Mérindol et le Mémorial Vaudois


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Access to the Castrum and the Old Village via the 'draille' path in Old Mérindol or the Bénézet path (15 minutes on foot starting from the Tourism Office). The Castrum-Old Village is listed as a historical monument and is a place of remembering. At the top is the Waldensian Memorial, which evokes the persecution suffered by the Waldensians in the 16th century. There is also an orientation table which provides a marvellous view over the Alpilles, the Sainte-Baume, and Mont Sainte-Victoire. Up until 1992, nothing was known about the buildings which had been built on the rocky spur which overlooks the present day village. Two walls, one to the north and one to the south, were all that were known at the time. After archaeological excavations in 1992 and 1993, two new digs were conducted, and a very dense set of buildings were discovered - the castle chapel, the dungeon, fortification walls, and access works. These digs also provided many artefacts such as ceramic shards, coins, metal objects ... part of which can be seen at the Tourism Office.

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Le Castrum, le Vieux Mérindol et le Mémorial Vaudois
84360 Mérindol


Longitude : 5.202391
Latitude : 43.75567

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